8.9 miles
2,483 feet
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wild flowers

1 month ago

The park is very lush and wildflowers are blooming everywhere along the trail. ::heart eyes::

This review only pertains to the part of the hike from Thunder Pass to the Lulu Mountain summit. The trail mostly exists, though it disappears and forks in a few spots, but if you can keep on it, the rock is less loose. However, it's pretty clear you need to go up, and there is no sneaky way to get over the steep grade. The ground for most of the hike is a combo of pea-sized rock and embedded larger rock, which is pretty stable. The final ascent scramble is on looser rock between chest and boot-sized. It does get pretty windy, the path area is pretty wide so I didn't feel like I was going to get blown off. Better to summit early in the day. Chilly up there so bring at least a jacket (I had a wool base layer and a rain shell and was comfortable/cool on top).

I ended up touring the entire park area - the Americans, Snow Lake, and all marked trails. Was a really lovely day.

The log on the summit indicated that it is summited by 5-20 people per weekend. The lower trails were much busier.

As a note, I think that the only trials that deserve a "hard" label are Crystal Lake (just past the Americans but a very steep rocky trail and this one. I'd be comfortable doing the other trails in good shoes or tivas, but the summit with the bit of scree and that final scramble, it's safer to have a full boot.