Lost Creek Wilderness Loop

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Lost Creek Wilderness Loop is a 27.7 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Insmont, Colorado that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is best used from March until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

27.7 miles
5744 feet

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Loved this loop. My wife and I got in late Friday and hiked a few miles along the Wigwam. The next day we woke up to some light rain that persisted most of the day so we didn't get the miles in that we had hoped and camped around the Gulch which made the third day fairly exhausting, but still thoroughly enjoyable. Bison's Peak was gorgeous---that entire part of the trail was by far our favorite---saw a few Moose on our way up to the pass. I would definitely do this loop again. Advice: keep an eye out for cairns when in the Gulch area as there are a ton of side trails that lead to camp sites.

27 days ago

Did this hike late summer last year. Took it clockwise. Got a little ways down the false "unmaintained" trail at mile 3, figured out this probably wasn't the goose creek trail then spent about 45 minutes looking for where the trail split. As I was sitting looking at the map, a girl came up and managed to convince me that we were at goose creek already. So I committed and took the fake trail. As I went I became more and more convinced it was wrong, but I was having so much fun rock hopping I decided to keep going. Denise's description below is apt though. Some big rocks to jump down and around, and 127 hours was in my head big time especially since I wasn't on the trail I was supposed to be on. Also, don't trust the rope and the creek crossing. I totally fell in and got soaked.

Anyway, I camped night 1 in the gulch right where the river disappears. Day 2 I decided to go back around to see where I'd missed the trail split. So I took the real trail this time and found where I'd gone wrong. Coming from the Lost Park trail head, it splits towards a giant rock in the meadow. Day 1, I thought it was just a social trail to climb up on the rock. Come to find out this is the real trail. There was also a log with an arrow pointing left that someone had tossed out of the trail into the tall grass. Moral of the story, turn left at the rock unless you really want an adventure. I don't personally think you'd be missing much to cut off the right half of the trail anyway.

Loved the wigwam trail though, and refrigerator gulch is rad. Going back next week to see the bison peak / McCurdy mountain part

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Super fun backpacking trip! Day 1 was fairly easy but we got a late start and camped at mile 9. Day 2 was definitely harder but we stopped at an absolutely beautiful cave w water running thru it and then took at wrong turn around mile 14 (directly across a fairly wide creek crossing) which went up a super sketch trail to a box canyon. Note to self - do not follow the hiker in front of you who doesn't have this app. If you do this part of the hike - ditch your packs as some of it was actually terrifying taking packs off to get around rocks, one false step and bye bye down into the canyon, and grabbing onto tree roots or anything you could find to pull yourself back up. Not advised but a sight to be seen for the daring and nimble none-the-less. With the 1.5 mile detour included we camped at the bottom of the meadow at mile 18 night two. Day three we woke up at 5am, left around 7 or so and finished the hike by 1:30-2. Once you get to the summit - it's a really nice finish. Loved this hike and would do it again minus the detour...thanks AllTrails for helping us get back on track! And for showing us there's no water after about true mile 18 until you're well on your way down again. First time I've used this app and LOVE IT!!!! Just make sure you connect to AllTrails and go into record mode while you still have wifi or I couldn't get it to connect. There's really no service anywhere near the trail....

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1 month ago

Beautiful, lonely hike.

Day 1 from TH to Refrigerator Gulch was fairly straight-forward, 12 miles, mild elevation towards the end before a quick descent down into the gulch. The campsite at the gulch itself is fine. It's not the best one along the track, but it works well for the end of a day's walk.

Day 2 from Refrigerator Gulch to Bisons Peak is pretty brutal. You'll embark on a series of ups/downs into other gulches (with campsites far nicer the RG, if you can make it there), followed by a long, arduous ascent of just over 3000 feet, totalling 10 miles for the day. The last 4 miles across to the peak is dry and barren, so make sure your water is full well in advance.

It all becomes worth it to camp on Bisons Peak. Sunset over the Rockies to the west; sunrise over the enormous boulders; views down to Pike's Peak. It's stunning, but also eerily lonesome when you realize that you have the entire summit plateau to yourself. It's just you and the rocks for the night.

Day 3 is an easy 6 mile walk off the summit and down a valley back to the TH.

IF I were to do it again, I would definitely change the direction and take it counter-clockwise. The ascent up the valley to the peak (Day 1) would be far kinder, followed by a long descent down into the gulches (Day 2), and then a short, sharp climb out of the gulches and a long walk home (Day 3).

I'd give this 5/5, except Day 2 was just rude.

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1 month ago

Unbelievable hike. A serenity and peacefulness that gets lost on 14er trails abounds here. The ascents and descents are no easy task, but the breathtaking views make every second worth it. Spent 3 days backpacking this loop. Probably my favorite hike I've done to date.

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Backpacked this over the weekend and there was some awesome views, but it definitely kicks your butt. Lots of ups and downs that will give you a solid workout. Didn't run into any snow and plenty of places to fill up on water from the creek.

3 months ago

Wish the trails were better marked.