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Friday, January 30, 2015

This was our itinerary for a six night backpacking trip in the Lost Creek Wilderness:
Leave one car at the Goose Creek trailhead, then drive back to the Wigwam Trail trailhead.
Day 1, Saturday: Hike the Wigwam west as far as comfortable (max 11 miles).
Day 2, Sunday: Get on the Brookside McCurdy Trail and follow it south to McCurdy Park. Camp by McCurdy Park or continue descending to Lost Creek. Estimated distance 10 or 11 miles.
Day 3, Monday: Follow McCurdy Park to Goose Creek and head south. Turn off onto the spur trail and camp at the Shafthouse (only 3.9 to 5 miles for Mark the next morning). Estimated distance 9 or 10 miles.
Day 4, Tuesday. Finish the Goose Creek Trail and drop off Mark at the Goose Creek trailhead.
At Mark’s car, get the rest of the food needed for the remaining days and switch out any gear or clothes available.
Continue west on the Hankins Pass Trail and either camp in the aspen groves or continue to the Lake Park Trail. Estimated distance 9 to 11 miles.
Day 5, Wednesday: Descend again into the Lost Creek area on the McCurdy Park Trail. Estimate distance 6 to 8 miles.
Day 6, Thursday: Either camp in Refrigerator Gulch or continue on to Goose Creek, head north and camp either on Goose Creek or Wigwam. Estimated distance from 6 to 9.5.
Day 7, Friday: Exit on the Wigwam Trail. Check into a hotel, shower and find a good restaurant. Estimated distance 7.8 to 9.
Saturday mid-day home.
Not all the trails listed in this itinerary are available on Alltrails.com. The rock formations and environmental diversity in this area were amazing.