6.4 miles
1,138 feet
Out & Back

dogs on leash

cross country skiing


horseback riding


trail running




15 days ago

If you enjoy hiking in the forests of Appalachia, you will feel at home on this hike! It does not get above treeline so don't be disappointed when there are no sweeping views at the end. Many dead and downed trees that were somewhat depressing, lack of other hikers, and lots of creepy forest sounds made this hike feel like the old abandoned amusement park of hikes. The lake is pretty but filled with grass and lily pads, and there is a nice view of mountains when you get off the trail and stand by the lake. There is also an epic picture spot on a log bridge that crosses the stream (near the beginning) and has a postcard worthy vista behind it. We ventured beyond the lake for a bit but there was not much to see. One thing about this hike that was troubling is that never once did we see a sign that mentioned Kettle Pond; the AllTrails app showed we were on the correct trail but all signs said Gore Range. Check out this hike if you like to be in the woods and breathe in that rich forest air!