Photos of Independence Pass

Distance: 34.1 miles Elevation Gain: 3,454 feet Route Type: Point to Point

scenic driving





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scenic driving
4 months ago

My wife and I took this awesome drive from the Aspen side this time. We’ve been to the pass from the Twin Lakes side before too. But it didn’t have this much snow still sitting there. People still skiing and snow shoeing in mid June 2019. Crazy winter they had. The drive from the Aspen side is longer than from the other side, with a few fairly narrow sections where passing another vehicle is tight. Lots of avalanche paths and their typical destruction of the trees that get in the way. Great views all along the drive and sweeping views once you’re at the top. I had scoped out some trails to hike along this route, but the method of travel at this time of year was still skis. There will be no hiking for a while up high. The parking area for one of the trails had plenty of cars, but they all were donning their skis!! The other trail I wanted to hike was completely buried in avalanche debris. Couldn’t even see the cutoff for the road to the trail head. That will be a project to clean up. This is a great drive and one that everyone should consider. Like most drives up the high passes in Colorado, they don’t disappoint. The scenery is hard to beat. This one is no exception. Put it on the “to do” list!!

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