9.5 miles
1,745 feet


mountain biking

3 months ago

As Cooper Couch suggested, this trail is for mountain biking more than hiking. That said you have to take what you can get for hiking during mud season, when trails in the colorado mountain trails are, you guessed it, muddy, or impassable because of snow.

I had a hard time finding the trail right off. From the school parking lot, walk up hill on Eagle Ranch road and turn right on Horton St. you can see the trail from there. Once on the water tower access road, you veer right onto an unmarked bike path. You are now on the trail.

The hike begins winding upwards on a well worn single track through beautiful and huge old piñon, juniper and sage. aside from having to keep an eye out for mountain bikers, I quite enjoyed this stretch of the trail. Once the trail dropped over the ridge and joined a set of power lines, I liked it less.

This trail joins a multi-use trail as the power lines head north. Running into a number of motorbikes 2-3 miles in, combined with the aircraft noise from planes in the traffic pattern about 2 to 3 miles in wound up turning me back on this trail.

Not peaceful, but totally accessible for a May hike.

I hiked it on May 6, 2018.