17.7 miles
2,956 feet
Out & Back

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3 months ago

Note that directions to this trail take you to the Thomas Lakes TH, not the Hay Park TH. That's fine, because following the trail will take you to the Hay Park TH.

First and maybe best thing about this trail is the abundance of water to filter. 3 large streams and a half dozen other smaller ones mean you won't have to resort to filtering muck or hauling excessive amounts of water... a big plus.

First 1.5 miles is moderate, and the rest is easy. Mix of thick aspens, meadows of wildflowers and a few spots of expansive views gives the trail a nice mix. The large volume of butterflies is worth noting.

The trail shares a bit of private land and it is possible you may share the trail with a herd of cows. We didn't see any on day 1, but on day 2 we followed them on the trail for an hour and had to dodge fresh droppings.

While most of the trail is easy to follow, there are a few spots on the Hay Park TH side where the cows have made their own trail and it is possible you could end up off the trail and not know it