24.7 miles
3,458 feet
Point to Point

dogs on leash

cross country skiing

off road driving






15 days ago

We hiked this in the morning of 7/7/2018. We hiked from the south end, located a mile or two north of Grant. We left our car at 8:30am, entering at the very far south end which is marked only by a bridge over the stream and a small sign stating No Camping. Only 4 - 6 parking spots there. You can drive on north less than a mile where you’ll find what seems to be the main parking - several spaces and bathrooms. The trail was easy to follow, and at that rather early hour, we didn’t see anyone until we’d walked north 3/4 of a mile and came to the parking lot with bathrooms. We walked two miles north from our car until we hit what was, for us with a leashed dog, a roadblock. At that point, you’ll need to cross the stream by walking first across a fallen tree, then onto a pile of flotsam maybe 8-10’ long to continue across the stream. We plan to return sometime without our dog and do that. The trail was for the most part damp to a bit of mud, and probably 90% shaded as it goes through forest. I thought it was quite beautiful. It closely follows the roadway but isn’t right next to it. We saw no animals, but as the forest is quite dense, I wouldn’t imagine there aren’t any. Overall - beautiful hike.

Addition: Although this is a driving road as mentioned by others, there most definitely *is* the very nice hiking path that I’ve described. After the first of our two hours, we saw quite a few other hikers.