Mount Democrat, Mount Lincoln, and Mount Bross Loop

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Mount Democrat, Mount Lincoln, and Mount Bross Loop is a 9.5 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located in the state of Colorado that features a great forest setting. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking and nature trips.

9.5 miles
4015 feet


nature trips



1 day ago

The Mount Democrat hike is really crowded. Tons of people and dogs marching up together. It gets crazy when crowds going in both directions are attempting to navigate the narrow, loose path. Lovely views from all peaks and the area between Cameron and Lincoln looks like Mars. But the worst part of the day by far is heading down from Bross. Super steep, loose scree for much of the way down.

7 days ago

9 days ago

Amazing hike and a great way to bag 4 14ers in one day. Took me about 5-6 hrs to do the full loop this morning. Lots of nice people all over the trail, so I felt fine doing it by myself. Coming down Bross was super sketch at times with parts where you're sliding down steep, loose, rocky slopes.
Otherwise, fabulous hike!!!

16 days ago

30 days ago

4 14ers in one go - you can't pass this up! Once you've climbed Cameron, you'll understand it is ITS own 14er!! Coming down Bross is hairy, but who doesn't like a challenge?! It took us 8 hours to do the entire loop, and it is crazy crowded, so he sure to start early!