Photos of Dakota Hill and Yankee Boy Basin OHV Loop

Distance: 35.1 miles Elevation Gain: 5,439 feet Route Type: Loop

ohv / off road driving






ohv/off road driving
28 days ago

All around great time, nice run. Easy to get turned around if your not careful as there are many off shoot trails from this particular run. Some ice and snow on the trail but nothing too bad. 4wd, lift, 33"+ tires are recommended (at least from my perspective, they make things easier) good luck with stock (met a guy coming down Pickle Gulch in a stock 2011 explorer who got turned around blew, out a tire, and spent the night on top of Dakota hill) it can be done. A great skill set and rock stacking abilities will definitely come in handy if you go that route. Oh yeah it gets a little tight at times but my 2016 4runner did just fine though the tree branch that hit my side view mirror my think differently.

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