Cub Lake Loop via Moraine Trail

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Cub Lake Loop via Moraine Trail is a 9.8 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Estes Park, Colorado that features a lake. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking and trail running.

9.8 miles
1,699 feet


trail running



wild flowers


no dogs

2 months ago

Walking from the parking lot west, up and over the ridge to the lake was the only part I really enjoyed. Once we got to the lake, the trail was pretty heavily traffic due to the fact that it was very flat and went along the grasslands that are known for elk. There was a significant section that was right next to the road. That part was very sandy which made it difficult to climb. There were also groups of guided horse tours along the second half, meaning that the trail was covered in horse droppings.

6 months ago

This was a quiet hike compared to some in the park. We started the hike around 10 with very few people on the path. As the morning went on the traffic increased. This is on my list to hike again.

6 months ago

I did this loop trail clockwise to get the hard and steep climb up, over, and then back down the ridge to get to the lake done in the first part of the morning. There was no one around; I didn't see another person until I got to the lake. Coming down the ridge to the lake is definitely for the surefooted! Finishing the loop back down from Cub Lake was a much less steep grade. I missed the turn-off at first to complete the loop: when the main trail starts to turn north, don't do it. There is an unmarked trail that takes off to the south that you want to follow. If you go North and you are wanting to finish the loop, you've gone the wrong way! The last bit to get back to the trail head is a long slog on the trail along Bear Lake Road, then you actually go past the car park and loop back around to it. It was a long hike, and very warm for the last bit, but it was a good one!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

This is a serene and beautiful way to loop around Cub Lake. A morning walk through has plenty of wildlife and wildflowers all year long. Cub Lake is a great half way point for a snack before the steep hike over the ridge to Mill Creek. This loop has plenty of diversity from flat meadow terrain to a steep rocky climb up the back side of Cub Lake, with outstanding views the entire way.

3 months ago