Photos of Cuatro Peak via Purgatoire

Distance: 6.7 miles Elevation Gain: 3,759 feet Route Type: Loop


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off trail
4 months ago

This is a very challenging hike. Mostly - there is *no trail* at all from the North Fork trail to tree line. The Alltrials route is a ... guideline? The hike is very steep up and back - see above about no trail. If you’re used to heading straight up scree, this is fine. The grass and moss above tree line makes the hike up more comfortable than other scree climbs. Again - you have to bushwhack through a dense spruce and aspen forest to get to treeljne, then have to do it all going downhill. I’m not some super fit mountaineer and it took me 9.5 hrs. I did West Spanish Peak in less than 7. This route should be delisted IMHO. The preferred route should be from Maxwell Peak to the south - it has a Jeep road to get you most of the way there. No traipsing through bear/deer/marmot/pika habitat unnecessarily. Up side: the views are stupendous. Spanish Peaks on the way up and down, the entire Culebra Range from the summit, views of Blanca and the Crestones and the southern Sangres east of Culebra. Rent a Jeep and bag this peak via Maxwell, save yourself and the habitat.