Crown Hill Lake Loop and Nature Trail

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Crown Hill Park

Crown Hill Lake Loop and Nature Trail is a 1.6 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Denver, Colorado that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from April until December. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 1.6 miles Elevation Gain: 42 feet Route Type: Loop

dogs on leash

wheelchair friendly

kid friendly

stroller friendly


horseback riding

nature trips

road biking


bird watching



partially paved


wild flowers


9 days ago

Trail was nice but the bugs were not! It was like swimming through a sea of gnats shedding their skin. Don’t go at sunset unless you want to find out what that’s like. Pretty Mountain View’s overall and a nice big trail. The bugs definitely won’t be forgotten though!

no shade
1 month ago

Not as busy as Sloan Lake so better for social distancing!

Small paved trail around water. Flat terrain. Great for a quick run or short walk with scenic views of the from range. Busy trail with people

Lots of dogs but everyone was responsible and respectful. Completely plowed the day after a big storm.

no shade
5 months ago

Concrete loop. Very popular with dog owners. Big views up and down the Front Range. Unique open space for residents of west a Denver metropolitan area.

9 months ago

Nice peaceful easy loop around the lake but absolutely no shade whatsoever.

11 months ago

Great. beautiful easy trail. This is one of my go to trails for daily work.

Sun Apr 07 2019

Beautiful views and a great easy walk.

Fri Apr 05 2019

Nice little hike paved/unpaved with pretty views of the mountain! Sweet little spot close to home. Will be a good running trail.

Fri Mar 08 2019

Sun Jan 27 2019

Great running and walking trail. Beautiful mountain views and lots of friendly dogs :)

Sun Aug 26 2018

really nice for a short run in the morning beautiful

Thu Aug 02 2018

Good for a run in the middle of the city!

Thu Jul 12 2018

Just the facts... If you are concerned for your physical and emotional health - avoid Crown Hill Lake Park. It is currecntly disgusting and as a visitor for over ten years I don't forsee it improving. Yes, the sunset views are great but being in the park subjects you sometimes to violent and barking dogs that some pet owners can't or won't control. Only a few pet owners are responsonible for destroying this park by allowing their dogs to pee and poop anywhere. The sidewalks are now riddled with poop from both dogs and geese and Jefferson County doesn't have the budget or management skills the keep the pathways clear or to penalize the few that ignore the law and park rules. When you consider that hundreds of dogs visit this park routinely, the disrepectful add up. It's not a people park anymore, it's a dog waste park - yesterday I witnessed a man dumping the dog poop he brought from outside the park. Not only do you get poop on your shoes and drop trace amounts into your car and home, you now smell it when walking past every trash can. Some horse owners contribute too by leaving a mountain of horse pie on the cement walkways. Also, more and more people are smoking marijuana in the park even though there are posted signs prohibiting it. What a violent risk this poses and an overall dissappointment.

Sun Jul 08 2018

Good easy city walk

Mon Jun 04 2018

Great for an easy walk after work or early morning. Stroller friendly

Mon Mar 26 2018

Nice area for walking. But the trails closer to the outer perimeter of the area are best for avoiding the crowds (kids, bikes, rollerbladers) who use the interior cement sidewalk.

Tue Mar 20 2018

Nice place to jog. Not too busy. Paved and natural trails with plenty different loops.

Thu Dec 07 2017

It’s a nice trail to take your dog on a walk around a lake thats paved.

Sun Dec 03 2017

Nice and easy run, pretty views of the mountains.

Fri Oct 06 2017

Beautiful views. Minus one for there being way too many black flies during this time of year.

Mon Sep 04 2017

Nice sunrise view but it's an ok park to run.

Wed Aug 23 2017

Great wild nature in the city. I run the outside loop and then around the lake. The outside loop is awesome and really enjoyable in the long grasses and cottonwood trees. The park has great resources and maps.

Sun Jul 16 2017

Great for kids or just a walk, busy though with lots of dogs, bicyclers, roller bladers too. Nice views for sunset!

Sun May 14 2017

Nice walk small panoramic view. Pretty Lake nice birds

Sat Oct 22 2016

One of my frequent walking spots. Great views of the front range and lots of options to do the loop around the park a few times without being on the same trail.

Tue Jun 28 2016

Nice walking or running area. Varied surfaces for many activities. Alternative to Sloan's, especially during peak hours. Not much shade available when the sun is scorching.

Mon Jun 20 2016

It was alright. Mostly sidewalk. More of a walk in the park than a hike. Lots of gnats!

Wed Apr 13 2016

Good alternative to Sloans Lake which can get really crowded.

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