Conejos Peak is a 6.7 mile loop trail located near Capulin, Colorado and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and horses and is best used from June until August. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 6.7 miles Elevation Gain: 1,968 feet Route Type: Loop

dog friendly


horseback riding

The most popular to the summit way is via Tabacco Lake. Once at the lake, just veer around the left side and basically go cross country until you come up the ridge. Conejos Peak is to your left and it's the high point on the ridge. Once you start hiking on the ridge you'll eventually run into a trail that'll take you to the top.

8 months ago

Beautiful loop! Only reason I don’t rate it 5 stars is that the short downhill bushwhack to return to the Twin Lakes Trail from the Tobacco Lake Trail is pretty bushy, marshy and full of briars. Reached the trailhead in a Murano sport wagon.

off trail
10 months ago

we started from the tobacco lake trailhead and up to the lake it was muddy with pretty continuous bur gradual elevation climb. From the lake we tried to find and follow a trail to the right but snow had covered and maybe washed out most of the trail going up to the peak. from the lake the bushwacking way we went(crossing snow and all) it was 2.2 to the lake and 1.3 to the summit. once close to the peak, we went around to the left of the peak and had a steep climb and slight scramble. it was muddy and slick but great views even with the impending storms.

10 months ago

Started at trail marker 720. The creek was flowing. Still quite a bit of snow in places making the trail hard to see but not dangerous. Also lots of beetle kill up here but still get stupendous views. Bugs were bad in places but still a gorgeous hike! There were 2 guys camped at Tobacco Lake and 2 others fishing for the day. Saw no one else on the trail.

Sat Sep 22 2018

The AllTrails map is not accurate! Just be aware that it is often off the actual trail by quite a bit (like a hundred meters). However, it's relatively easy to figure out where to go and to keep the trail. Follow the ridge line. I suggest that after you summit Conejos Peak that you hit the second 13er and then follow the ridge of the bowl all the way around and above Tobacco lake. Great views!!!

Sat Sep 15 2018

Amazing views for a relatively short hike. Bonus points because we didn't see another person on the trail the whole day!

Tue Jul 03 2018

Excellent hike... the mapping of the trail here, though, is only very approximately correct. Don't follow the route given here. Either find a better map or just kind of walk where it looks like a reasonable person might have put a trail.

Thu Dec 14 2017

Great views, tough but doable climbs, my 7 year old son was able to do it.

Sat Nov 04 2017

Turns out this is not a bad early November hike. I ended up going around the back first, summiting, and the coming down to Tobacco Lake on the way out. After doing so, I feel like this might have been a more interesting route. Getting to the top of the first hill and into the meadows above the trees was a nice casual walk before making the real accent, kind of a warm up. An incredible hike either way you go. Outstanding views.

Mon Jul 18 2016

We only made it to tobacco lake. With the threat of a thunderstorm and some rain and hail, we decided to turn around. The views the whole way up were beautiful!

Fri Jul 15 2016

The hike to Tobacco Lake wasn't too bad. Saw deer and elk along the way. Awesome views and some decent snow banks still piled up (late June). The fishing in the lake wasn't so good. Saw Cut Throat but only managed to catch one. The continued hike to Conejos was much more challenging. The views from the top are a wonderful reward. Will make this hike again for sure.

Wed Jul 18 2018

Fri Jul 13 2018

Thu Jun 29 2017