7.0 miles
2188 feet
Out & Back

off road driving

historic site

no dogs

off road driving
Monday, June 22, 2015

Went up in a jeep with a large pick-up following behind. Nice trail. Steep for the first few miles but levels out a bit near the top. Definitely needed 4WD low to get up the steeper climb. Road was dry that day but could see it becoming a muddy, slippery mess had it rained. Two water crossing but we went in June 2015, when there was still a lot of snowmelt. In fact the road over the divide was still closed and we could see a snowplow at work. Very cool town. Learned it was private land & the owners keep it open as long as there is no vandalism. But you can see many people have carved initials into the old wood, not respecting the wishes of the owners. That was disappointing. We are lucky the site is still open to tourists that brave the road.