6.9 miles
1,230 feet


mountain biking

trail running







washed out

no dogs

1 month ago

A decent hike, however, some commentary is needed in order to find your way. From the parking lot head west toward 7 bridges. Shortly before the entry to 7 bridges a trail starts to your right. There are some large cement blocks by the trail head, but no sign to tell you what trail it is. Take an immediate left as you enter the trail. After going uphill for a short distance you will come to a fork. Turn right, this is trail 776, however there is no sign. From here the trail is easy to follow for a couple miles until you come to a junction. There are signs here marking the trails. Turn right on trail 667. This website incorrectly says trail 665, but it is 667 according to the sign post. After a short distance you will come to a spur trail that will turn you around almost 180 degrees. This will take you to Mt Buckhorn. You will come to a large boulder which looks like the summit, but it is not. Continue past the boulder. You will pass a large fire pit. Eventually you will come to an even larger boulder with a crawl space underneath. This is the summit. After this make your way back to trail 667 and continue until you come to a junction with a parking lot. A road goes through the parking lot north and south. This is High Drive. You can see it on this map. Immediately past the road and to the left is the trail you turn on from the parking lot. After a couple miles it will take you to a parking lot off of Gold Camp Road. From the parking lot take a right on the road. You will immediately see the first of 2 tunnels on the way back to the parking lot were you started. The road portion is about 2 miles.