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Boulder Valley Ranch Sage and Eagle Loop Trail

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Boulder Valley Ranch Sage and Eagle Loop Trail is a 2.8 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Boulder, Colorado that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 2.8 miles Elevation Gain: 160 feet Route Type: Loop

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This is a great week night trail! Pretty much flat all the way through but full of opportunities to see groundhogs, rabbits, birds, cows and horses. We went just before sunset and the weather was absolutely perfect for a brisk walk.

9 months ago

This is an ok short to medium run from the Eagle Trailhead with little shade. I've done it in both summer and winter. It's more interesting if you combine the loop with other nearby trails like the Boulder Valley Reservoir "trail," the Left Hand Valley Trail that goes north on the west side of the loop, or the Wonderland Lake Trail/Foothills Trailhead via the Cobalt Trail. Be prepared as the Eagle Trailhead has no bathroom, you'll need to go to the other trailhead on the loop.

no shade
10 months ago

There are two main trailheads to access the Sage Loop - the easternmost lot has more room for parking (the best choice for RVers) and only trash cans; the westernmost lot is smaller, but has both trash cans and a pit toilet open for the mud season. The trail is fairly flat, with almost no shade, and is very easy to follow. Expect: pedestrians, runners, cyclists, dogs (off and on leash), prairie dogs, and equestrians (who, for better or worse, are known for going at a full gallop around blind spots on this trail, endangering pedestrians. Keep your ears open for the grunting of a running horse approaching, and step off the trail to yield). Expect also high winds blowing in from the foothills, and the dust that they may carry.

Fri Oct 26 2018

A stand-by if you want to run a 3-miler on all dirt in North Boulder and not have many hills on the route. In general it is a nice area, just not spectacular like other Boulder trails. For as many people as frequent this area, it can be remarkably still.

mountain biking
Mon Dec 18 2017

Dull. So dull in fact that it's almost interesting how dull it is. So I'll say it's impressively dull, which makes it impressive so that would be the opposite of dull so then it can't be dull anymore, so that makes it not impressive so it's impressively dull again and oh never mind. Now my brain hurts It's just dull. Dull and windy .

Sun Dec 17 2017

Nice mellow running/walking/biking trail, you can do the 2.8 mile loop starting on the North end, or start at Eagle trail of of 55th street to make it closer to 3.5 miles. Looking for more? Start at Eagle trail, go clockwise (SW) onto the loop, after crossing farmers ditch follow the trail up to the left to Degge/Eagle trail, keep right at each fork, you end up in a dirt road that goes to Cobalt trail. Cobalt goes back to the North trailhead where you can jump back on the Sage loop. All in all about 5.75 miles of fairly easy jogging. Reverse it for a more demanding but easily doable for someone in average jogging shape. Lots of dogs off leash, equestrians, and bikes... If you bring your dogs have them on leash or have the city of Boulder voice/sight tags! This is a HEAVILY patrolled trail, I got a ticket at 6:30am! Now we have tags

Sat May 21 2016

Nice easy trail. Beautiful scenery. Lots of prairie dogs, horses and dogs. Great for walking, running, or mountain biking.

Thu Jun 25 2015

This was both enjoyable and scenic. Easy walking/ hiking, and great for kids where they can see all sorts of animals (prairie dogs, horses, butterflies, etc.) and not too long where the kids will start to complain... Would recommend, especially to beginners & families.

Wed Jul 02 2014

Great trail to hike through. I had planned on mountain biking the trail but am glad I hiked due to all the dogs running around. They were all very friendly dogs.

Thu Jan 02 2014

This is a rolling trail around working and historic ranch land north of Boulder. The area is open to off-leash use by dogs and owners with the City of Boulder Sight and Voice tag so expect lots of dogs both on and off leash.

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