Photos of Blue Sky Trail

Distance: 15.9 miles Elevation Gain: 1,646 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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19 days ago

First, for dog owners, this is NOT an off-leash trail. All Trails needs to update their profile. I chose this trail today beliving it was an off leash trail. Second, this is a mountain bike trail. Yes, runners and hikers use it, but given the amount of damage to the trail by bikes, it is suited more for bikers than hikers. I'm not against mountain biking, but I like to avoid trails were there is heavy bike use. Not so much because of the bikers themselves, but because of the rough, rutted, uneven surface the bikes create in the trail. The trail condiiton was so bad today, it was eaiser to walk on the ice than the hard uneven frozen mud! I took the dogs in 1 mile and then turned around. Just wasn't enjoyable for me. I'm sure others love this trail and am sure it is a good one for some, but for this hiker, it didn't hold any special appeal.