1.3 miles
334 feet

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9 months ago

This review is for a submitted loop connector associated with this original track, which has been submitted to be a separate trail.
First of all, this is a series of networked trails mostly contained in the Open Space. Some of the trails move into the National Forest and eventually connect to other trails in other areas. My review is for what I found to be an exploratory hike that ended up using several of the interconnected trails inside the Open Space. From the parking lot, there is the genesis of Red Squirrel Trail to the left of the signage. This is a gentle, well-traveled single-track that eventually "Ts" at Dry Creek Trail (see photo). Turning right, Dry Creek trail merges with the main Blodgett Trail, which is no more than a washed out road. Turning left, and a steady climb up the road, there's a turn into Hummingbird Trail on the left side of the main trail. Hummingbird Trail takes a dive to the south for about .3 miles before turning north and steadily climbing towards Blodgett Peak. The ascent is not steep but it is constant. The wildflowers and views along this N/S section of trail are tremendous. Right at what I'll call the base of Blodgett Peak is a right turn onto Peregrine Trail. There is a confusing marked sign on a tree stating this trail has No Outlet, but that is not the case. Follow Peregrine Trail down a fairly steep descent into shady woods and the beginning of some remarkable rock formations. The descent continues to be steep and at the stream crossing, stay to the left to remain on Peregrine Trail. Eventually the trail merges again with Blodgett Trail just above the parking lot. Good mix of sun/shade, tremendous views and fairly solitary once off the Blodgett main trail. I consider this a Moderate route mainly because of the steady ascent and very, very smooth and therefore somewhat slippery descent, when traveling clockwise.