6.0 miles
1,519 feet
Out & Back

dog friendly




horseback riding

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wild flowers


7 days ago

Awesome trail that gets maybe a half dozen groups hiking it per day MAX versus multiple dozens of groups on blue lakes trail per day. The parking lot was jam packed when we arrived, but we found a parking spot. The first 2 miles are downright easy, a kid could do it. The last mile is a little more strenuous and I do recommend a pole or two for the descent unless you enjoy a good rock dance. We got to the basin and only saw one other group of people with a couple dogs. The panoramic views are astounding. All trails map ends at the basin, but the trail does go further up and has more switchbacks that take you much further above the basin. Took us 4 hours and 10 minutes from the parking lot and we took a 40 minute lunch up top and a few short breaks on the way up. Awesome hike and definitely recommended if you want to get away from the plethora of people. Sure it doesn’t have a lake, but it has waterfalls, awesome views of Sneffels and a river beside you half the hike; plus no people saying “behind you” or “passing” every ten minutes. Once you get to the basin, take a left and follow the waterfalls up a hidden trail just past the little campground. I would venture as far as to say this is basically a hidden gem of a hiking trail in these parts.