Blackhawk Peak Trail

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Blackhawk Peak Trail is a 6.6 kilometer moderately trafficked loop trail located near Golden, Colorado that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 6.6 km Elevation Gain: 407 m Route Type: Loop

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Ghost town, abandoned mines, gambling This is a hike up a jeep road alongside a stream for the first mile. This road can be steep at times. As you reach the top, you arrive in a meadow surrounded by aspen with remains of a old mining town. When the road reaches the cabins and turns right, cut through the meadow on your left toward Blackhawk Peak. Stay low. If you continue up the slope toward the ridge, you will be going over and under fallen trees. Stay level and you will reach the saddle between Blackhawk Peak and the ridge. Continue up Blackhawk Peak. Return to the saddle and cut to the left. There is a trail that meanders behind the ridge and you can climb up to another unnamed summit. Once you reach the second summit, go down the slope and catch the same road down to the trailhead.

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5 months ago

Jeep trail keeps your eyes on your feet. The leg out to Blackhawk Peak is a good, mellow mountaineering intro. Overall nothing remarkable. I stopped at the saddle out of lack of interest. Can anyone comment if there’s a view from the peak? I think this one would be more fun in snowshoes.

5 months ago

No trail the way we went up nothing special lots of trash and bullet shells. Easy dirt road on the way in turns into a pretty serious 4x4 trail.

Sun Dec 03 2017

Allowing this to have 2 stars since if you do this “backwards” from what the route suggests and you go right instead of left at the first fork, you get to stumble upon an old mining cabin and if you go a little further, you get a beautiful view of the front range in an open clearing. The reason it’s lacking the other 3 stars is because the entire west side of this “trail” is not a trail. There are no markers and at no point was there an obvious trail. We used GPS to make our way through the summit just walking blindly through the woods and over obstacles. Finally tried to find our way out and ended up on an ATV road further west than this trail supposedly goes. To be safe since we had no idea where the hell to go to get to the next part of the trail after the summit, we just took the 4x4 road all the way north and then south again to get back to the last mile or so of the trail where the first split happens. Someone must have just wandered into the woods and tracked their route and called this a trail.

Sun Jun 19 2016

Mostly 4×4's, shooters. Kinda trashed too.

Sat Apr 11 2015

Did not enjoy this trail, no scenery, too any vehicles driving up and down it, no ghost town just some logs staked on top of each other. It was a waste of time.

Sat Mar 29 2014

Def a difficult trail but well worth it. The old cabins are awesome to go in and there were a lot of old relics from when they were built. The views were beautiful. I wouldn't suggest doing this hike unless you are experienced at hiking, as there were quite a few steep spots. Will be doing this hike again.

Sat May 05 2012

This was awful. There were empty gun shells all over the trails, gunshots, no mining "ghost town." While the hike had a couple of scenic spots, it was not one I would recommend.

7 months ago

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