Beaver Mountian Trail

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Beaver Mountian Trail is a 4.1 mile loop trail located near Fall River Estates Subdivision, Colorado that features beautiful wild flowers. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking.

4.1 miles
843 feet

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1 month ago

We just completed the Beaver Mountain Trail which is a delightful 5 Mile Loop. It traverses Beaver Meadow and then climbs into the forest. For a while the landscape is somewhat unusual in that there are a lot of dead trees from the pine borer beetle. There is no undergrowth in this area. Once you leave the forested area you start climbing again and just below the summit is a wonderful "Zen" type location near the horse hitching post. From there you have excellent views down the valley into the mountain ranges beyond. You will continue to get these views as you ascend. Having gone counterclockwise and wanting additional hiking, we decided to take a spur along the Ute Trail and went for about 2 miles. After the short sharp climb the trail levels off passing the wet meadow until you get to the campsite.There is a very convenient stream if you have a water filtration system. We continued on through sparse forest and flower laden meadows. The trail continues for another 7 miles with a total elevation gain of almost 3,000 feet. We returned to complete the Beaver Mountain Trail seeing deer & a mother grouse with 8 chicks. The combination of terrains gave a wide variety of landscapes and a huge number of wildflowers. The beaver Mountain Trail would be excellent for jogging or cross-country if I were 50 years younger.

1 month ago

Arrived around 9am on a Tuesday in summer, only a hand full of cars at the trail head and we only passed two small groups so we had the whole trail to ourselves. Mid 30s, pretty fit, carrying a 30lb infant on my back, went counter clockwise and took about 2:45 not counting a stop at the top. There is a horse rack at the "top" which is a great place to stop for a snack before heading down.

7 months ago

Pretty path. Saw elk. Lots of Sage made it smell nice too.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

We started at the top of the mountain at Ute Trail and came all the way down to connect with this trail to be picked up by a friend at the parking lot in the valley. This is a nice little hike into nature. Nothing too stunning besides the original valley that is right by the parking lot. It's a nice walk though if you want to get out.

If you have the option for a point-to-point, definitely a good idea to do what we did and hike it down from the top starting at Ute Trail. It would be a lot tougher on the way up, but more rewarding because the views are up there at the top of Ute Trail. There is a span of incredible incline though. You have to be prepared for this long hike if you're going up it. I would not out-and-back this trail connection though; that's too much.

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