6.1 miles
1,099 feet

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mountain biking

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wild flowers

26 days ago

Parking was easy when we got there at 11:00AM on the weekend. Walking along the water to the trail was great nice and calm. The trail itself wasn't bad at all, there weren't any real tricky parts. Sometimes you had to walk up stone steps, but there wasn't anything particularly difficult about the trail. You do need to pay attention for bicyclists though because it is a mountain bike trail too. The people cycling that we encountered were nice and courtesy and didn't just fly at you from around corners. It was nice!

There isn't any signage to show you were the Panorama Point is once you're on the trail though, so make note of it on the map. We were able to find it after a few moments of looking because someone arranged rocks in the shape of a heart at the part you need to turn at. To get to the point it is a steep, but short hike. Overall, I really enjoyed this trail and it had many beautiful views. Even if you don't find the Point you will see beauty all around you as you hike, so don't get frustrated! :)