Baseline to Ampitheatre and Saddle Rock Trails

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Boulder Open Space

Baseline to Ampitheatre and Saddle Rock Trails is a 2.7 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Boulder, Colorado that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from May until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 2.7 miles Elevation Gain: 1,522 feet Route Type: Out & Back

dog friendly


nature trips

rock climbing


bird watching



wild flowers

Reaching the top is not enough, one should explore the east face of the mountain for a great scene of beautiful Boulder, CO.

2 days ago

Loved this hike. Good climbing. Great shade. Even a little water/river. Had a little bit of everything.

2 months ago

Great views! But might as well go all the way up to green mountain if you’re gonna do this hike. Suuuuuper icy. Probably will be all the way through April.... I’d skip this one and do green mtn later in the spring

3 months ago

The fresh snow made for a beautiful hike! Majority of the trail is now packed down snow. Definitely recommend having snowshoes or traction systems on your boots as the scramble bits can be slippery. Morning is the best time to do this trail as the trees glow of gold as the sun is rising. Feb 5th 2020

4 months ago

9 months ago

Pretty steep rocky climb during first part of Amphitheater, but gets prettier and easier after that short stretch

This puts the Manitou Incline to shame!! Very steep! Great workout, but would recommend early in the day. View at the top is nothing earth shattering, but your pride at the top is through the roof!

11 months ago

Awesome hike for the boulder area. Didn’t have spikes or poles but some may find it helpful. If you’re bringing a pup, I’d recommend some boots for your friend.

Sun Oct 14 2018

Great quick route to do some stairs and elevation gain quickly and come back the same route or loop around a number of ways.

Sun Sep 23 2018

Meh. Tons of steps. Not much to look at.

Wed Jul 11 2018

I actually start this near Saddle Rock (off Flagstaff), go up Ampitheatre and then back down saddle rock. Doing it that way knocks off about 3/4 mile but makes it a great short but strenuous hike - I clocked about 1200 feet elevation gain- and a nice weekday workout. It is mostly a shady hike making it a good one even for hot summer days. Some water most of the year as well for dogs on the Saddle Rock side.

Mon Mar 26 2018

Good workout hike! Not much scenery, but cool rocks at the top.

Wed Jul 19 2017

I have used this as a connecting trail, and it's just a lot of steps.

Wed Jun 07 2017

Wowza! Beautiful hike but a tough one on my knees & feet. The incline was steep & steady most of the way up 1.5 miles. Much of the trail is shaded by the Forrest & the scenery is great. Once at the top (according to All Trails map) the turn around point was nothing special. The hike down was more difficult for me than the quad burning ascent. The steps down were big, the hoping down step after step seemed endless and my knees & feet paid the price. Glad I did it but this one is checked off my list.

Thu Jun 01 2017

really pretty trail, coming down just after sunset we saw lots of deer and bats.

Sat Apr 08 2017

Great trail, but be on the lookout for rattlesnakes. On our way down today we had to wait for a very large rattler to cross the trail.

Fri Feb 10 2017

Awesome hike with beautiful views and definitely a work out

Wed Oct 19 2016

It's a beautiful trail, but a bit crowded over the weekend, as I've come to expect of most Boulder trails.

Thu Jul 02 2015

Good short trail to do if you want to see Boulder from above.

Sat Aug 02 2014

The whole Chautauqua Park area is full of trails and loops to hike. The Amphitheater spur is a bit of a quad burner due to the steepness and all the steps to climb. This little hike is fairly close to my house and I'll use it as my workout hike. Personally for me Chautauqua Park is too crowded to really enjoy the hikes and that's why I only give it 3 stars. But there are trails there for just about any level and distance as a part of the whole interconnected Front Range in the Boulder and Golden area.

Thu Jul 03 2014

We walked this one a few times. The scenery is great and not that long but it is steep so its not the best for younger kids.

Sun May 04 2014

Enjoyable hike with excellent views; great for kids 8-year+

Mon Oct 01 2012

Fun hike, took the dogs on the trail. Very flat good scenery and wide open spaces

Mon Oct 01 2012

Enjoyable hike, took the dogs and they liked jumping from rock to rock

Wed May 05 2010

I usually hike this as the return leg of a six mile loop summiting Green Mountain. It can also be accessed from the Chautauqua trailhead off of Baseline. It is a .6 mile hike from Chautauqua to the Gregory Canyon trailhead, but there is more parking and it is free, leaving more cash for gear (smiley face). Great views and challenging hiking. Rocky and root filled in places and a steep decent but very enjoyable, as is all hiking in Boulder. Leave the I-Pod home and listen to the sound of nature. More shaded the closer to the Saddle Rock/Greenman junction you get, so be prepared for snow if you go in early spring or late fall. With melt, there will be water running on some parts of the trail.

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