5.4 miles
2,368 feet
Out & Back

dog friendly



no shade

9 days ago

Awesome trail if you are reasonably fit. 2,400 feet elevation change with virtually uninterrupted upward slope. Incredible views of Telluride and the Tomboy mine.

A few things...

Get a ride or drive up to Bridal Veil Falls if you can.

Use the AllTrails map to get on the trail. After you pass over the creek, you’ll soon see 4 overhead cables perpendicular to the trail. You’ll turn left between the third and fourth ones to get off the road and onto the dirt trail. There were cairns there when we were there.

Soon you’ll come to a fork. Either choice will get you there. The one on the right has longer switchbacks, is not as steep and is at least a mile longer than going left. But, going left is much steeper and more difficult than going right. You’ll have the same options coming down. Making the choice that fits your capabilities is important. If you start up the trail to the left and don’t like it, go down and take the other fork.

Have a great hike!