5.4 miles
2368 feet
Out & Back

dog friendly



no shade

9 months ago

We didn't use black bear road; we came from the bottom in telluride, but there is no trail on here for that route for some reason.. Just come straight down main street of telluride and it deadends into it. It's the same place if you want to go to Bridal Veil Falls.

You need 4WD if you want to start the hike up by the falls like a lot of people do. We did not have that, so we had to hike from the bottom. This turns the hike into about 9 miles and 3000 ft elevation gain. You may be able to hitchhike to the falls though.

There are a number of times you need to make sure you know where you are going. Ajax is the peak on the left on the way up. Once you cross the water near the top of the rocky switchbacks, soon after, you will cut hard to the left and leave the rocky path. It's easy to miss so look out. As you go up the grassy side of Ajax, about the top of those switchbacks, there will be another hard left that is easy to miss. Do not continue over the hump and go up to the higher peak. If it looks like you are going too far away from Ajax peak, then you are going the wrong way.

There were wonderful waterfalls and wildflowers throughout the hike, and the views of the surrounding mountains and down into telluride are definitely worth it. Good luck!