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Sunday, January 01, 2017

The hike on the Zigzag trails and West Ridge Trail is really beautiful and if you could do just these the hike would be 5 stars but to do the figure eight you have to do Prairie Creek. Also you get to do Zigzag #1 twice which was a pleasure. Neither Zigzags are close to the difficulty of South Fork even though they are similar type trails. West Ridge has too many awesome trees to count and at times is tougher than either Zigzag. It's different than any deep redwood forest hike I've done in the Park because you get to see a lot of sun filtering through from the west on top of the ridge. So far in my hikes in the park only.Rhododendron Trail is better because of it's variety. After I finish doing everything in the area my intent is to loop West Ridge and Rhododendron together but I have to wait until summer so there will be enough light in a day to accomplish. I highly recommend this trail. At least Prairie Creek Trail gives you a break because it's almost flat. I only saw 2 hikers away from Prairie Creek and a 1/2 dozen on the creek.