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Wilder Ridge, Baldwin, Ohlone Bluff and Old Cove Landing Trail

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Wilder Ranch State Park

Wilder Ridge, Baldwin, Ohlone Bluff and Old Cove Landing Trail is a 10.1 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Santa Cruz, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching and is accessible year-round.

Distance: 10.1 miles Elevation Gain: 902 feet Route Type: Loop


nature trips


bird watching




wild flowers



no dogs

2 days ago

Loved this loop! Scenic, variety of plant life, and some adorable wildlife. You definitely need to download a map ahead of time because there were several forks that had no signage. I ran it in just under two hours in the morning time on a weekday and only passed a few hikers and a couple mtn bikers. I did find about ten small ticks on my right sock when I took off my shoes after, so just be vigilant of the brush. Definitely recommend!

One of my favorite trails! Today was overcast cast and cool, perfect conditions for our 10+ miles. Very few people out today which made it easy to social distance.

The views were okay but nothing too amazing. High trafficked a lot of bicycles. Didn’t find a nice area by the ocean to eat my snacks.

This trail was absolutely wonderful. I did the uphill section first to get it out of the way and broke a lil sweat but nothing too bad. The views behind you of the ocean are gorgeous, of course, and the second half walking along the water was *SPeCTaCuLAr*. My only qualm (and this very well could’ve been my fault) was it took me on 4 mile beach and I had to scramble up a hill to get back on the trail. Minor mishap. Now go do this trail. Now.

So beautiful. This trail takes you though the hills and then by beautiful cliffs and beaches

Amazing views I didn’t made the loop but preferred to get to 4 mole beach and head back the same way next to the ocean. Easy hike (pretty flat) Parking is 10 usd

4 stars for the beauty, but basically thIs could be ridden on a tricycle. You can find some to make it a little more challenging if you look for them.

7 months ago

Coastal half was the best. Beautiful views.

over grown
10 months ago

Walked up to Strawberry Beach , overlook trail over grown along with bath to Strawberry Beach.

mountain biking
Sun May 05 2019

Amazing views! Definitely easy hike. I would say if you can bike it or run it, that would be better as there is almost no shade.

Sun Sep 30 2018

Really nice!!!

Wed Aug 08 2018

I did this loop based on the high rating and the overall length of the hike and was VERY disappointed. I’m shocked it’s gotten such rave reviews as it is primarily walking on wide fire roads, and the coastal trail is more like walking around produce fields and along the old railroad track. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, sadly. I’m glad to say I’ve visited the park, though. Hope others have a better experience.

Mon Jul 16 2018

I hiked on Friday and not many people there. I customized the trail, i used the lower part of wilder ridge loops trails to horse trails, had to walked on the side of highway 1 for a bit since there are private vegetations across to reach to ohlone bluff trail. For the most part its not a shady trail, a lot of poison oaks at the lower wilder ridge loop trail. Recommending long pant, shade and water. Its an easy trail for the most part. In land trails are small but well marked.However, gps in this apps is so helpful.

Thu Dec 14 2017

It was a great hike but not marked well. I definitely went a different trail for part of it. Thank goodness I remembered that I had the app. The GPS saved us today. Bring snacks and water. A piece of advice- don’t start this hike late in the day. Made the mistake and had a bit of an adventure getting back to the car.

Mon Nov 27 2017

Not very well marked...thank God for this ap! It was spot on. The views are wonderful!

Sat Sep 02 2017

To each their own but I'm not sure how this trail gets 4.5 stars. Overall, I would not recommend this for hiking but perhaps better for mountain biking. This trail offers little to no shade for the majority of the hike. Perhaps it would be better in another season, but definitely not good in the Summer. The amount of flies on the coastal section is awful too. I would never consider this hike again. The views of the ocean are ok but there's much better hikes in the Bay Area offering much more scenery and far better views. Bring lots of water as mentioned, there's no shade on this hike at all.

Mon Jun 19 2017

Such an awesome hike! We hit the trail around 6:30 am and saw a ton of wildlife: deer, a coyote, snakes, lizards, hares, and all sorts of birds. We definitely preferred the upper part of the trail rather than the coastal side. By the time we crossed Highway 1 it was a lot warmer and there were more people and bikes. I would definitely recommend the Ridge Trail if you're into wildlife and sweeping vistas, and Ohlone Bluffs if you're more into wildflowers and cliff side views of the ocean.

Sat May 20 2017

Great trail. I mostly enjoyed hiking along the coast. Parts of the trail east of PCH was fun but not as picturesque.

Sun Apr 09 2017

Easy hike with beautiful views of the ocean.

Sun Mar 12 2017

Amazing views

Mon Feb 27 2017

Nice trail! Near the ocean for about 6-7 miles, then crosses highway 1 inland. Most of the trail is exposed, not too many shaded areas. Wonderful views.

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