Photos of Valley View, Blue Oak Knoll, Ridgeline, Bay Leaf, Back 9

Distance: 7.3 miles Elevation Gain: 1,509 feet Route Type: Loop


mountain biking

nature trips


bird watching


wild flowers

6 months ago

This is more of a track for mountain biking than for hiking. Many of these trails are almost exclusively used by bikers, so I was looking over my shoulder a lot, but didn’t have any issues. The back 9 is a very technical downhill if your up to the challenge. It gets pretty hairy during the final descent to the creek. I. saw a group of 3 deer mid-way down the back 9. It’s a very beautiful area. I really prefer this “mid-ridge” part of Pleasanton Ridge to the trails at the southern and northern staging areas. Augustin Bernal Park is lovely and once you’re up there are lots of different trails to take. I did get scolded by the security guard this time because my ID shows that I don’t live in Pleasanton. So that’s a thing here. He let me pass, but gave me instructions to get a permit for next time.

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