Twin Peaks Trail

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Twin Peaks Trail is a 9.6 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Mt Wilson, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is best used from May until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

9.6 miles
3628 feet
Out & Back

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2 days ago

awesome hike. bloody hot though. at least 90 in the saddle. saw a big group that headed up east twin from the saddle, but they turned back probably from the heat. I made it, but probably stopped 6 times to hydrate. Drank 1.5 liters of water on the way up from the saddle and another liter at the top of twin peaks. Superb views made it all worth it. You're smack dab in the center of the San Gabriels, I could see all the way from Cucamonga Peak across to Condor peak and everything in between. The cliffs on the city side of the peak are dramatic.

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Round trip from 3 points was 15.8 miles and 4,300 ft. of total elevation gain. Visited both the east and west twins on a warm July day. The trail was fairly straight forward for the exception of the cienaga at about 3 miles in, be sure to cross over the large downed tree and continue slightly upward ( do not turn down). Just over 5 miles in you reach the twin junction, continue down the trail to the saddle then across and up to the east twin on the use trail. Do not underestimate the amount of water to bring I forgot my extra litre in the car and was down to 1 litre out of 3 when I started back down and was completely out and dehydrated by the time I got back to the trail head. All said this is a nice hike to a remote location better done in late winter early spring.

Friday, May 20, 2016

My friend Lauren and I went to this hike today. It took us about 6 1/2 hrs. We had a great time. The trial is beautiful, we saw many different beautiful flowers and a snake on the trail. The trail head started right behind the white gate about 100-150 ft passed the gate and turn to the left. The beginning the trail is nice about first 4 miles, then after the last sign the trail is not very clear last 1.5 mile. We climbed the rocks and got lost a little. Thank goodness. We checked in with all trail apps and we were able to navigate back to the trail. Just keep going to the left of the signs on the way up and keep going to the right on the way down. First 1.8 miles up hills, then about 2 miles down hills, then up again for about 1.5 miles. Of course, you come back down, up and down hill. I finished almost 3 L of water, it's not even that hot of the day. So make sure you check in with this apps and take plenty of water and food to snack and sandwiches to eat. I burned lots of calories and almost passed out from hypoglycemia. When you start feeling like you are moving slower and dizzy, eat something. Also remember how you come up to the trail head driving up on the high way, we kind of forgot and had to make a few u turns to get home. No reception inside the park to get gps. Have fun and enjoy

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

This is now my favorite hike in the San Gabriels. Here's a tip from scaling the East Twin Peak, between Twin Peaks Saddle and the Summit. When you aren't sure which way to go the general direction is LEFT. If you are off trail, go LEFT. Trust me, you'll find the "trail" again by doing so. (and the opposite, go RIGHT on the way down)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Twin Peaks is an interesting hike. The trail from Buckhorn Campground to the Twin Peaks saddle is clearly maintained. From the saddle to the summit is another story. Basically straight up the mountain side with no clear trail. Look for the stacked rock markers (4 or 5 rocks stacked on top of each other). These markers point the way. The top of the trail is closer to the eastern peak. Follow the ridge line to reach the western peak.

Monday, October 08, 2012

I hiked this trail by myself in 2008, got 3/4 up to twins peak because it got late and I was tired, and a little scared that nightfall was going to beat me before I got back to my car, so I tried it again with a friend on August2012. We parked right across from the trail head, it was a moderate hike to Mt. Waterman, I pointed out to my buddy where we were and where we had to hike to, since at M.W detour you are across looking at Twin Peaks. We kept hiking, the trail is well maintained, we got to the base and had some energy bars and were half way through our 1.5L camel pack. I knew from experience that this was where it gets interesting. it was very strenuous hiking up T.P, we passed the mark where I left off the 1st time, I was similarly tired as the first time but this time it was earlier and I had a buddy. From that point it was only 20min more to the peak, gah, if would of known that the first time. We finally got the peak and it was well worth it, the views are amazing and the feeling of completing it was a ego boost. haha. But the way back was killer, we lost track of the trail and had to practically hike straight down the only way we could. Once back on the base it was a gruesome hike back to M.W, as the sun started setting the temperature began to drop too and we were hiking slower. We finally got the car real beat, sore and cramped, but the contentment of completions was another one for the books. Recommend this trail if your in shape and an experienced hiker, we were two fat boys conquering the toughest hike yet.

Monday, July 30, 2012

My husband and I did ten miles of this trail and had a great time. It was definitely strenuous! The first couple of miles are uphill a little past the Mt. Waterman summit split, followed by a long downhill stretch. We tried to make it up to Twin Peaks summit past the saddle, but it was really steep and eventually we lost the trail and turned around. The trail is really well maintained up to Twin Peaks saddle. We saw no else else on the trail past the Mt. Waterman summit split.