8.4 miles
2,700 feet

dogs on leash



nature trips



1 month ago

this one is a butt kicker and should not be done on a hot day or a beginner. the first section of Trabucco is great and pretty easy with a gradual climb, once you hit Los Pinos it gets a bit steeper but nothing too major. the butt kicker is coming down bell and yearger. it is SUPER steep, very loose terrain like sandy beach loose and you will end up on your butt, walking sideways, falling and possible poison oak. We got all of the above and it puts a lots of stress on your knees. It is very narrow and tree branches hitting you in the face. I loved the first 3/4 hated this section and it was about 4 miles of this. You keep saying "Are you kidding me" just when you thought you were done here comes another section. it is full of shade most the way but the bugs came out in this area. the trail is not marked once you hit Los Pinos peak so you have to really pay attention or you can miss it especially once you get to the meadow and ring the bell. One you ring the bell take a few steps backward to the trail on your right and follow it back into the forest.