Tony Look Trail to Coyote Ridge to Lookout Trail Loop

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Stevens Creek County Park

Tony Look Trail to Coyote Ridge to Lookout Trail Loop is a 5 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Cupertino, California that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 5.0 miles Elevation Gain: 1,017 feet Route Type: Loop

dogs on leash

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horseback riding

mountain biking

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Park at the Staging Area off of Stevens Canyon Road.

As of 5/30/20, there is a live beehive on the Lookout Trail about half a mile from the end of this loop. You can scramble around it but it's a bit dicey.

2 days ago

Lovely views of the water. Good hike with intermittent shade.

5 days ago

It is a nice trail. The trail is narrow in the beginning and the towards the end. Made it a little difficult with two dogs, especially when you are sharing trails. There is a section where trail widens and becomes steep and little shade. I did not plan this trip well, not enough snacks and water. Had to keep dogs hydrated. Even with my complaining, I would do it again.

8 days ago

One of my favorite trails I have done so far in the South Bay! This has a perfect mix of everything. Shaded areas, scenic views, forest vibes, lake, a cool breeze, a good mix of uphill and downhill. All around, really solid. Parking is a bit limited, and the trail's are somewhat too narrow for social distancing but we made it work. We went clockwise to start with the lake, and then the loop ended with the uphill stretch which I think was a good move. Took about ~2.5 hours at a somewhat leisurely pace with ample breaks, and in total it was about ~6 miles with the different exploration side paths we took. Highly recommend!

13 days ago

The trail was easy to walk. It has shaded and no shade parts. it doesn’t have the best panoramic scenery but it was a very nice medium length trail to walk. Dog friendly.

As they say somewhere in the world - magnifique - Beautiful views on the reservoir and panoramic views of the valley. Half is under the trees the other half is full sun exposure. Crowded on certain portions but gets quieter as you gain elevation. Very nice hike overall.

Beautiful views of the entire valley from the top. Also a great stroll along the reservoir.

27 days ago

Good mix of open and shaded areas It was crowded and narrow tracks might not be ideal for current social distancing policy in pandemic. But the views are beautiful. I will definitely come again after the pandemic is over.

One of my favorite trails in the area. It’s a relatively short hike given the elevation gain, but it takes you along Stevens creek reservoir and up to the highest point in the park. Really enjoyed it. Definitely wear long pants and probably also a long sleeved shirt for this one.

nice reservoir view. About half trail has no shade and is dusty.

28 days ago

It's absolutely spectacular. It's one of the 2 best dog trails in the area, with Sanborn. I would recommend going up the Coyote Ridge Trail, and coming down Tony Look. While Coyote Ridge trail is decent, it is on a ridge (what a surprise) and you are not in the forest. It is good for some elevation. The Tony Look, however, is absolutely incredible, and really takes you in the wilderness. What I do is park at the Stevens Creek Park main entrance, and then hike to Coyote Ridge, come down Tony Loop. Another option is to just go to Tony Loop, and explore other trails in the area like the Canyon Trail.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail especially when it’s sunny. Love it!

1 month ago

This trail was beautiful! Great views! Love how it started off rather easy and gradually became more challenging. About half way there is a really good area of inclines.

This is one of my favorite trails. So many options. Plenty of sun and plenty of shade.

Fairly easy trail, slightly crowded, small trail so have to wait for other to move aside. Bring mask as you can feel the heat from other passing by.

Beautiful trail and great for beginners! We managed to do this nearly 2 hours with breaks.

1 month ago

Nice hike with the chance to observe deers near the lake. Avoid rainy days. Will come back again.

Do not go after rainy days, it’s super muddy. Great view of the peninsula!

2 months ago

Lots of animal footprints near the river.

2 months ago

good trail. started before the the sun was out and made it to Maisie's Peak in time for sunrise. nice clear morning. great views. trail was a little muddy from the rains but not too bad. seen maybe 10 people. nice views of the lake too.

Great trail, beautiful views, some shade, there is a road parking or the madrone parking lot further down! One of the best hikes I’ve done in the USA. Dog-friendly and we saw hikers, a few mountain bikers, a horse.

2 months ago

pretty view. steady incline.

3 months ago

Lovely hiking/walking for 5+ miles... Few Highlights: *Walking next to the lake and lake view from far distance during the walk.. *Smell of eucalyptus tree.. lovely.. *Some dense forest feel during hike.. awsome *Mix of whether- Chill whether inside the forest and moderate out side the forest.. *multiple small flowers, sweet voice of birds, yellowish wild mushrooms,pale green new born plants, brown forest, mist drops on plants.. *Enthusiastic people walking with dogs, brisk joggers, mountain bikers, regular walkers.. lovely place to realx

3 months ago

We started soon after the Madora car park so you have to come out of the car park towards the main street to start off on this trail. It was completely shaded until you reach the water reservoir (2.3 miles) and then you take right towards the coyote ridge trail. Most of the onward part is exposed and grueling with steep inclines. Having done the entire loop, I feel we could have started from the sycamore car park towards lookout trail just after Garrods farm ( located before Mandora car park and picnic area) to enjoy the vistas and not feel hot. Great vistas from masie’s peak and on a clear day, you can see the apple campus. Some parts were little overgrown so be careful of the shrubs and ticks. All in all real good work out and we locked in 5.6 miles just under 2 hours (1.59 mins to be precise :)). Perfect for a hot summer day but we didn’t see anyone especially for the first half and it felt really secluded. I wouldn’t go alone especially if I am starting from tony trailhead.

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4 months ago

Parked at the Madrone picnic area. There were more spots here than at the look out trailhead. Walked the trail counterclockwise as lots of the other reviewers mentioned to get the harder/steep part over with first. Lots of great views of the city and beautiful forest areas. Some shade, but mostly open, particularly on the Fremont older side. Great hike, but never stopped hearing the gun shots from the range.

Nice trail with great view, well maintained. Mixed of shades

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