Three Sisters Waterfalls Trail

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Three Sisters Waterfalls Trail is a 3.5 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Descanso, California that features a waterfall and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from October until April.

3.5 miles
1036 feet
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6 hours ago

Great hike went with a few friends. The trail once you get to the bottom of the waterfall is fun with rocks to climb. Water was flowing on all 3 falls. If you a first timer like myself the hike back up hurts but overall great hike . Definitely go with friends.

4 days ago

This was an amazing hike!! There was water!! The falls were amazing!! Def not suggested for the ill hearted or not fit... there is A LOT of full body esp upper body on the way back!! Bring plenty of water and time your hike!! Don't go to late in the morning because this is a long hike!!

5 days ago

It was so beautiful difficult but so worth it

11 days ago

One of the hardest trails in San Diego. Very physical but lots of fun. Don’t forget the way back. Much harder than what people think. Lots of water and rest time.

This is my favorite Hike! It is challenging and so much fun! the best time to go is in Spring after it rains because the waterfalls will be huge and it is warm enough to swim in them. It's really fun to slide down the third waterfall :)

Favorite Hike!

13 days ago

Great view, great workout

13 days ago

Very busy trail, so be mindful of other people. Also, bring PLENTY of water because it gets brutally hot here.

14 days ago

killer views and killer workout

16 days ago

Great trail. Not many people on the trail today. The falls were not flowing but both bowls had water. The good ropes are gone however someone left paracord but it is rough on the hands so be wary.

17 days ago

It is a great trail

19 days ago

19 days ago

Now, I work out. I'm not a fan of cardio and avoid doing a lot of it but I wouldn't say I'm out of shape. However, this kicked my ass. Be prepared! Don't be scared! It's so worth it in the end and you'll feel like a beast at the end for enduring it. Falls were beautiful and roaring in march. There are million ways to get to all the falls but not all are safe so be careful! It gets pretty busy in the spring and summer. People like to go there and drink.... it's stupid and you'll have to be helicoptered out like the countless other people who were ill prepared or drunk and dehydrated. NO DOGS. Unless you're prepared to carry them and hear all the trash talk from all the people on the trail, don't do it. It's too hot and way too difficult. I'm also positive they're not allowed there anyway. Bring lots of water but try to pack light. The beginning part is easy, of course, but just remember you're coming back the way you came.

Beautiful hike! Definitely wear the right shoes and bring plenty of water ! I wouldn't recommend it for children or if you are out of shape.

26 days ago

Amazing Trail!...especially the part of the River bed (though there is no water at all).
There was no rope , so we struggled a bit to get down and back up (small section of the trail after about 3/4th of the distance). Get enough drinking water, wear pants and full sleeves if possible to avoid scratches while scrambling . ....And the last 10 min drive leading to the trailhead is Dirt road, passable on a sedan/hatchback too.

1 month ago

People definitely need to take this trail more seriously. I was shocked to see how ill prepared groups of hikers were for this trail- wearing black jeans and carrying NO WATER!
To get to the higher tier of the falls, expect some serious scrambling. Definitely would NOT recommend for dogs and children.

1 month ago


1 month ago

always good

2 months ago

steep descent on the way down in the early part of trail and of course coming back up. there's a small rope a climber has tied to a small shrub that can be used to help hoist you down. the rest of trai is easy. best done in winter. bring lots of water.

2 months ago

It’s a challenging trek with steep gradient loose ground. Bring lot’s of water and sunscreen. But view to and from the falls is spectacular.

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