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Thousand Steps Beach [CLOSED]

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Laguna Beach, California

Thousand Steps Beach [CLOSED] is a 0.8 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Laguna Beach, California that offers the chance to see wildlife and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching.

Distance: 0.8 miles Elevation Gain: 95 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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nature trips


bird watching





no dogs

It has been reported this trail has a temporary closure due to COVID-19. Please see the park's website for up to date information. (

13 days ago

It is now open.

I recommend early week day to check out the cave and a good workout out at the stairs.

24 days ago

Not a hike... just stairs. Completely disappointed

1 month ago

First photo is not thousand steps, Its the Dana pt bluffs

1 month ago

Went yesterday and the gate is locked. Not sure when they will open it.

1 month ago

FREE PARKING , amazing place to go, beautiful clean absolutly loved the cave area and the tide pools (off to the left side when you hit the bottom of the stairs) always a pod of dolphins to watch by shore this is my favorite beach and worth the gas from LA best time to go is either early in the morning or around 2pm that's if your trying to get to the tide pools this is when low tide occurs. typically you have from 2-4pm to enjoy and head back if you want to avoid high tide. for those who havent been able to find the tide pools, head down the stairs make a left when you get to the bottom of the stairs go through the cave area, and when you exit out the other side hike over the rocky are that's on the left side and you will be able to reach the tide pools.

5 months ago

Call me spoiled, but this isn’t a hike. It’s a staircase to a beach that was very crowded. Hard to find parking. Again, it may just be that I live in Hawaii.

6 months ago

Fun little hike.

8 months ago

We really want to go back when we all have swimsuits and tevas to get into the cave! The tide pools were fun and the beach was beautiful! Our only regret was we weren’t in swim or water worthy gear. We were there an hour after low tide and we would have had have waded thigh deep to get into the cave. It looked really cool though and we definitely want to go again!

Fri May 31 2019

Beautiful little hike!

Tue Apr 16 2019

Absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend going down to the cave during low tide and exploring the pools. Very quiet and secluded.

Fri Feb 08 2019

...short, but beautiful

Wed Jan 02 2019

Time your trip well if you plan to go to the pools

Wed Jan 02 2019

Quite the walk to get to beach

Fri Nov 30 2018

Great hike

Thu Nov 29 2018

Easy trail. You should go earlier than not because the tide gets high the closer to sunset you go! Awesome things to see :)

Tue Nov 06 2018

So pretty! The “hidden” beauty one can find here is amazing. Emerald water, ocean breezes, solitude and serenity.

Sat Jun 23 2018

You can no longer go to cave. Nice clean beach

Mon Feb 12 2018

Amazing views and a nice little workout

Thu Feb 01 2018

Very enjoyable beach day ⛱

Sat Jan 27 2018

Amazing workout... the view is speechless Definitely coming back

Sat Oct 28 2017

Super easy but time it when the tide is out or it will just be a walk on the beach

Sat Jul 15 2017

I think we counted about 200-300 stairs to access the beautiful beach in Laguna. Would definitely do it again.

Tue Jul 11 2017

This place is a MUST if u r in Laguna. Bring shoes to climb the rocks in the sea cave!

Sun Feb 19 2017

Beautiful beach

Fri Jun 10 2016

Loved it . Beautiful scenery

Sun May 01 2016

Great on legs and heart! There are 219 stairs! So to get the full 1000 steps u need to go up And down 5 times. I just did it yesterday! I think ill need to swim today to float my legs!

Sun Nov 03 2013

1000 steps is a GREAT workout for your quads. But I wouldn't call it a hike; locals use this as a place to get a leg workout. And it's NOT actually 1000 steps, I think there are 232 steep steps. If you make it up and down a half a dozen times you'll definitely feel it! I brought a friend who did it 3x, she called me 2 days later saying she could not move her legs! The beach at the bottom is great for skim boarding and relaxing. Other coves/beaches in Laguna are better for swimming.

Sun Aug 11 2013

Stairs!!!! This is literally one thousand stairs that you really don't feel on your way down but boy can you feel it on your way up. If you're not used to walking so many stairs up, this is going to kick your butt lol. The beach is beautiful but crowded and the parking is really a challenge there also. You have to find parking somewhere on PCH and it's not close to the stairs so once you find parking, you have to walk over to the stairs which it's not easy cause there's no sidewalks and there's cars you have to walk by on the traffic side of the street. This is a beach I wouldn't go to again just because of the struggle getting there. Something new to try.... Great but that's about it.

Mon Dec 24 2012

I went dow to 1000 steps for the first time to run some stairs. I'm not sure there are a thousand of them, but I can say you can't see the other end from either the top or bottom. The morning I went it had rained fairly hard a couple hours before. I was expecting to be alone, but there were two others their with the same mindset. After the rain, a couple of the landings had standing water. For a quick check on reference points, 1000 steps beach is obviously on the beach, the stairs are are located on PCH and 9th Street. There is a separate trail heading North at the top of 9th Street where there is an overlook.

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