The Power House

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The Power House is a 0.8 mile out and back trail located near Riverside, California that features a river. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking and walking. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

0.8 miles
91 feet
Out & Back

dog friendly

kid friendly




A short and easy trail that leads to a turn of the century hydro electric station and a graffiti lovers paradise.

15 days ago

Hard to find at first and the trail was harder to follow. Made it and loved the power house!

19 days ago

This place was fun to explore great photo Opportunity

23 days ago

This place was a little tricky to find at first. Didn’t know where to park so I parked on a residential street and walked to the trail. Lots of horse poop so be careful where you step. It’s a short walk to the powerhouse so you really don’t have to worry about carrying a backpack with hiking supplies. The powerhouse from a distance looks creepy, but up close it has tons of graffiti art that’s pretty cool to look at. Lots of broken glass inside and some trash around outside. I would only come back again to see if any new graffiti is up, but not necessarily for a hike. After this trail I ended up going to Pumpkin Rock which is only a few minutes away.

1 month ago

The mini walk was cool. The Power House itself is really interesting to check out. There are a few other trails you can walk and those are easy. Overall, it’s a nice way to spend a few hours.

3 months ago

The trail to get in there is a horse trail, so the dirt is soft and will get all over your shoes. Not as much horse turds as stated in other reviews but beware, they are there. So come correct. The trail to get there is also pretty short, can hardly call it a hike. The building itself is pretty cool, I️ painted in the morning and didn’t see one person the whole time, not till I️ left, when some butthole mtn biker came flying by me with no heads up. Rude.

I️ personally would like to never walk the horse trail part again because it’s just not fun dirt to walk in. So I found the shortest way in. Which is: go down Pinto Pl and right befor you get to Grulla CT you’ll notice a dirt alley way on your right in between two houses. Park and walk up that alley and head left at the end. Keep walking and you’ll get there.

5 months ago

Not much of a hike, yet it's a cool little gem of the area. It's a great spot to take a few photos. Lots of horse riders stopping here along their way through the riverbed.

8 months ago

can't wait to come back with a bigger group! it was a good walk/hike.

8 months ago

Super easy trail. Once you get to the power house you can enjoy the graffiti on it. There's also 2 separate trails you can take to continue on your walk. A lot of people on horses though, and of course a lot of horse poop. So watch where you step.

8 months ago

Climbed an the roof and almost fell! XD, WHO TF SPRAY PAINTED OVER THE EYE BALL!!!!!!! >:-(

9 months ago

Thank you to the person who posted how to find it! I never would have found it otherwise! I parked on Viceroy. walked back to north, turned left and walked on the dirt part along the house, turned left at the next dirt path which is behind the houses on Viceroy. on the left will be houses, right is a nursery. You'll see the trail at the end of this path/alley. you're still going through the nursery basically. then it starts going downhill and there are rocks on the road and you're wondering if you're going the right way. You are! Before you know it, the house will be right there. I continued on and took the trail to the right. Check out the pictures-- it's really cool! Keep going if you want a longer walk (it's not really a hike, but an easy walk), and watch your step the horses use these Trails LOL

10 months ago

The trail is for horse back ridding. It is alright for a walk.

10 months ago

Easy and short. Love the feeling of history at the power house. You get to and from on a horse trail so you have to watch your step along the way! At the power house, unfortunately some with horses let the horses inside and have left stuff behind. But great photo opportunity!! There are continuous horse trails that are easy and nice to walk through so you can make it a longer hike. Fun for kids to see!

11 months ago

Really cool place to check out. Nice walk for beginners. It was nice to see so many wild rabbits and squirrels running around. Once you get down to the Power house. Just watch your step and be aware of your surroundings. It looks creepy at first. Once i cleared the building and made sure it was safe I was able to take lots of pics and videos. Really nice spot if you appreciate ART. If you hear music or voices don't freak out its the workers from the Nursery above you on the hill also heard people talking in the deep brush and heard music. There is a horse trail if you walk down a
Little more you will see people on horses. Pretty cool place. As a reminder anywhere you go always look out for safety issues and of your surroundings. Be safe and enjoy.

11 months ago

I wanted to love this place, but I was really just creeped out the whole time. Between the dogs and the unmarked electric fences and then how junked up the actual place is, it just gave me a really bad feeling. I would've loved to explore beyond it, though, but I was short on time. The actual area is gorgeous, especially now because it's so green. I saw a roadrunner, rabbits, squirrels, and other cool birds I couldn't identify. The power house itself was creepy, and not in the cool abandoned building way. There were trash and cig butts all over the place. The high point was the ceiling, though, the sun shining through all the holes is breathtaking.

I may not go back, but it's such a short, easy trail I say check it out and make the call for yourself!

Also, thanks to the previous reviewer who explained exactly where to go!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Muddy trail after rain overall pretty cool.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

A lil hard to find first time but once we got their it was petty cool place small but cool nice easy hike

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Norco Power House aka Peddly Power House

Google Maps takes you to the middle of a street by a Cemetary. Since we had no idea where to go we searched through the hills behind the cemetery, basically exploring and of course didn't find the Power House because we were essentially lost aka exploring, lol.

So, now how to actually locate it. Park at North Drive and Viceroy. On the left of this you will see a dirt alley way between the residential houses and a nursery. Walk down this path. Once you pass where the nursery ends stay on the dirt road and keep going straight or down the downward path. Once you start veering to the left the Power House will be right in front of you.

If you want to hike longer, do the Hills behind the cemetery or head up to Pumpkin Rock which is down the street.

Hope this review helps.

Friday, January 06, 2017

Sweet and short hike!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Very easy walk or perfect for a jog. A great place to take pictures.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Super easy trail, a beautiful walk and many on horse back. My daughter and I loved it!!! Great walk!!

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