10.7 miles
3,192 feet



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no dogs

5 months ago

Hiked the grand tour on 5/5/18.
You can complete this loop circuit on foot but I spotted my mtn bike at the South Ridge trail head and drove down to the Ernie Maxwell south trail head to begin my trek. Started at 6 am hiking to Humber Park then headed up the Devils slide trail and arriving at Saddle Jct at 8am. From there I took the trail leading to Tahquitz valley, and on to little Tahquitz valley. At little Tahquitz I left the main trail and started off cross country towards Red Tahquitz and soon picked up the PCT southbound for a short way before once again going off trail to the summit. Please know this area is closed due to the Mountain fire and traveling through this area could result in a fine, however I never entered into any burnt forest and feel the forest service should not close un burnt areas, but this is just my opinion. Arriving at Red just before 9:30 I took a 20 min break to take in the outstanding views from the peak before heading towards Tahquitz peak. Another 20 min break here before heading down the South Ridge trail and the end of the hike. From hear you can do like me and spot a bike or walk down the road 1.2 miles back to the start point. If you decide to take on this trek you should have good off trail skills with good knowledge of a map and compass for the off trail segments. There is a use trail to Red’s summit and I cleaned up a bit of it but it traveled into the burned area so that’s as far as I got with it. Enjoy and be safe.