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10 days ago

My boyfriend and I were out at Port SLO for kayaking, but when we got there, the kayak rentals were closing due to a high wind advisory. He and I hopped back in the car and figured we'd scope out a hiking trail nearby (this is how I found the All Trails app). Sycamore Crest came up and being that it wasn't far from where we were at all, we figured we'd give it a go. Parking is tricky because behind the Sycamore Springs resort is where the trail starts, but there were signs all over that said "Guest Parking Only" we found a spot that was more out of the way and figured we'd chance it since the trailhead says 3/4 mile and the trail is marked as moderate. Boy, we felt out of shape at first, the trail starts out steep and continues that way. Luckily, there is a shaded bench about halfway up the climb. The views are amazing and the plants and flowers that surround (this time of year at least; early June) were beautiful. When we got to the top, the ocean view is just as you'd picture. Heading back was awesome because it's all down-hill. We couldn't help but trot/jog back. My car was still there, no ticket. Woohoo! Great trail, would do again...and would also bring more water. Ha! It's a good work-out trail for leg day.