Summit Trail

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Summit Trail is a 7.1 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Danville, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

7.1 miles
1922 feet
Out & Back



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no dogs

Parking is available off of S. Gate Rd.

23 days ago

Great hike! Start early to avoid the crowds, by 1-2pm the top of the mountain had lots of people (who cheated and drove to the top)

1 month ago

Hiked from Danville to the Summit and back on xmas eve, a little over 22 miles roundtrip. Took over 7.5 hours but now that i know the route better I think I could shave at least 1/2 hour off that time.

2 months ago

Misjudged timing on this one and did about an hr in the dark with my 14 yr old a long time ago and before I always had a headlamp with me...

3 months ago

what an amazing hike and trial i started at Curry trail entrance I didn't see the summit trail head which was up the road a little more but it was still a great hike overall not to many ppl on the trail but defiantly a workout up the hills I would agree this trail is hard I did a total of 9 miles instead of parking at Curry trailhead drive up a few feet and park right at the foot of summit trail

5 months ago

Name fits this trail.

5 months ago

Ran a trail race Half Marathon up and back on this trail in August. Great experience, but hot. Amazing view at the top. Worth the climb.

9 months ago

To me it didn't really feel like hiking because the trail kept intersecting with the road (you can also drive to the top). At the top there's a parking lot and a visitor center. Only benefit to this is there is bathrooms in the place to fill water at the top. But I didn't think the view from the top is worth the hike.

10 months ago

The views at the top are spectacular, but the trail itself was ok. You can drive up if you want. The trail is just as described, 3.5 miles up, 3.5 down. It's a constant incline that makes for a good workout, but heading back down was pretty tough on the knees.

11 months ago

It's a very nice trail for a day hike. Don't expect a light snow a day before. But it just make if more beautiful! Highly recommend

Monday, January 16, 2017

great hike, wide trail

Friday, December 02, 2016

Some great things, some bad things.

Pros: Beautiful hike, varying scenery, cool rock formations!

Cons: Seriously lots of freshly broken glass/bottles in a few parts of the trail. Hard to clean up, so sad. But even worse, tons of graffiti and carvings in the rocks. I think we counted three penis carvings of various sizes. Such talent people have. -_-

The trail was a bit confusing at times, but we made the best of it and it was a blast! Since we had previously hiked to the summit we decided to do a little loop and check out Sentinel rock. Overall awesome but sadly rated it down due to people abusing the place.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Got 1 star for the scenery. The hike to the fall was too far for beginners like myself. This was not made for me.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Fun and beautiful

Friday, November 27, 2015


Tuesday, May 05, 2015

First time here and I really enjoyed it. There are many trails so I will be going back. Family friendly but remember no pets on trails! made that mistake the first time so we had to leave but glad we returned great sights.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

I did this hike back in April and had a great time on it. It was a perfect East Bay spring day of about 84 degrees. I was with my two good buddies Andrew and Miki (we rented a Relay Rides car to make the trip).

Before we started hiking, I was concerned that Andrew was packing too much water (he brought a whole gallon). However, he stood his ground and brought the whole jug. It's a good thing he did because I underestimated the amount of water we'd need. It wasn't a scorching day but I definitely went through my 2 liter camelbak pretty quickly. Andrew was there to back us up with water.

We ended up hitting all the summits and offroading a bit on the way down (walking off trail). I enjoyed the freedom that came from going away from the known trail and rock jumping and sliding our way down. Andrew got a bit of poison oak on him but it was worth it.

We ended the trail happy and tired and had to walk through the lush (then) green fields from the eastern park of the range to where our car was parked at the park entrance.

It was a beautiful adventurous day with some great views and I can say that I thoroughly recommend the hike. Bring enough water!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First off, allow me to explain that when I started this hike I was doing so under a certain time limit. 3 weeks prior, I had hyper-extended my left knee during a trail run. I did not think it would bother me at all, but halfway through the hike, on the continuous incline to the summit, my knee started to irritate me. The summit was beautiful and the day hike I would gladly do again. However, I would suggest doing on a less busier day. I went on memorial day, and as suspected, quite a few number of other hikers, mountain cyclists, etc. The hike back down is what did a number on my knee - swelled up to the size of a softball by the time I returned back to Rock City. An excellent hike to help condition you for greater treks!

23 hours ago

8 days ago

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