Stoddard Peak Trail

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Stoddard Peak Trail is a 6.2 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Claremont, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

6.2 miles
1410 feet
Out & Back

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rock climbing



wild flowers

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1 day ago

Great hike! Bring lots of water. My dog loved it too!

21 days ago

Beautiful hike. Bring enough water and food for more than 6 miles especially if starting the hike after 8am. Prepare for full exposure on the way back and try to be done by 1pm when the sun is the hottest. The brush to pass through is no joke...very unmaintained. Check for ticks afterwards too!

22 days ago

The trail was BEAUTIFUL!!!! Very Scenic and you’re surrounded by beauty!! The last 1.5 miles to the peak are difficult. It’s very steep, lots of bushes and loose gravel. Would advises thick pants and long sleeve if only for that portion of the hike!! I didn’t make it to the actual PEAK I was too nervous about the narrow, slippery switchback!!!!! However my 19 year old daughter and I LOVED IT!!!

26 days ago

So this hike was absolutely beautiful, but it was a puzzle to get to and to finish. My hiking partner and I read up on this trail on a few other sites and one of them mentioned frequent car break ins at the trailhead so we ended up taking my Jeep all the way to the locked gate at the actual start of the trailhead. Don't do this if you don't have a high clearance vehicle! It also cuts off a significant chunk of the mileage for the hike. I also suppose you don't really have to but I am quite attached to my car and all of the things in it.
Also, the path to the peak is really!!! overgrown. Wear some thick pants because, while my UA leggings held up nicely, I definitely got a few bruises from all of the rigid bush branches and what not. It was totally worth it though.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike with plenty of shady and sunny spots. Probably wouldn’t do this in the summer when it’s really hot but my husband, 9month old corgi and I had a blast! Be prepared for damn feet as there were several streams to cross towards the beginning of the trail

3 months ago

I love this trail. I frequent it often when i need a good quick hike.

6 months ago

I am a beginning hiker and this hike was a great introduction to hiking. I tried to start the day with Devils Backbone and realized I was clearly not ready a couple miles in and settled on Stoddard Peak instead.

The inclines can be a bit much, but luckily the trail flattens out a couple times. Towards the middle there is a nice break, and towards the end it is all smooth sailing to the peak. I didn't make it to the peak itself because I didn't see the trail to it, but I will say it is BEFORE the American flag that someone planted on the mountain.

Overall, great hike. Just be weary of the bugs if you're going in the summer months as they will ruin the hike for you and make you look like a flailing idiot for 75% or more of the hike.

7 months ago

beautiful hike just horrible that people have left so much trash and graffiti behind ☹️

9 months ago

Was great hike very isolated only seen 2 people on a four wheeler who where rock climbing .Was a little confusing finding start of trail and ended up hiking extra mile . Once you park stay left of the stream follow stoddard road you will pass some houses and then it says road closed go around gate and keep going .i hiked to the Cucamonga truck trail and then back it was about 11 miles with the extra hiking to find trailhead . Hike was long but easy .

10 months ago

Great quick hike. Very few people once you get past the baldy road crazies. Many false peaks but a nice clean and easy hike close to home.

10 months ago

The peak gets 5 stars, but the trailhead gets 1. We went on a Saturday morning and came back to our car's smashed windows. Leave nothing of value in the car and consider leaving your windows down. It's such a shame because this hike is truly excellent.

The hike involves following a fire road as it traverses toward Stoddard Flat. Once at the flat (open area with level ground on both sides) follow the ridge up and to the right. Stoddard is the third hill on the ridgeline. The second hill requires a bit of scramble/exposure but just take your time and make sure to watch for sand on the rocks! Last bit of info: there's a false trail that cuts to the right leading to Spring Hill about .5 miles before Stoddard Flat. If you notice you're heading downhill after turning off the fire road, you're likely headed to Spring Hill. Go back to the fire road and keep heading up!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Some very nice views and enough steeper portions to get the heart rate up but a good stretch of the trail is a dirt road. However, on the backside of the mountain, the trail turned into a winding narrow walking path, more of what you'd expect. I wasn't really looking for the turn off to the summit but it would've been nice if that was a little more clearly marked. But what I thought was really cool about this hike is where you end up after 10 miles. You're down in a valley surrounded by these beautiful mountains. It has a very surreal feel to it. I was in and out in four hours with a handful of photo stops. All in all, I would do it again.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Really nice and amazing trail. A lot a rocks so where appropriate shoes.

Saturday, May 07, 2016

It was sweet-sassy-molassy.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Take Mt Baldy Rd north and turn right on Stoddard rd. Google Mt Baldy Wilderness Preserve, that should take you to the trailhead. Stay on the trail for about 2.5 miles, then look for a stack of small rocks on your right. Then you will start the hardest part of the trail. The trail pretty much disappears and you have to go through a lot of bushes ( wear pants and long sleeves). The peak is kind of difficult to find. There will be 2 false peaks. Just keep going and try to look ahead to see where the trail is leading you and you won't get lost. 6 total miles and it took me 2 hours 15 minutes.

Monday, January 11, 2016

I took a lot of great pictures, but most of the trail was redundant. We couldn't even find the peak

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Not much to look at. Very confusing where the trail is actually located

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Absolutely beautiful trail. I did this in December it was a chilly morning and warmed up slightly. I wore pants and a sweater. pants are definitely needed. I wish we had found the peak. Definitely going back and completely the hike later.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This is a great hike... lots of bugs this time of year (flies mostly) so take a hat and keep your mouth shut unless you want a little extra protein snack!
We missed the turn off at the 3 mile mark to go to the peak, but we kept going straight past the 3 mile point and went for another mile or more back farther into the mountain range... it was gorgeous, quiet, peaceful... fantastic. This hike can go on for hours.... we were out for 3.5 and could see so much more trail to cover in front of us, but we also knew we were running out of daylight, so we hesitantly turned back. Nice part: we enjoyed a cold foot soak in the watering hole back at the trail head. I will definitely do this one again.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

This was a good hike but not too thrilled about the thick brush you had to trek through. Almost poked my eye out twice on some branches and thick brush. But once we got to the top the view was worth it. I would definitely recommend wearing pants.

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