5.3 miles
1,624 feet
Out & Back

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2 months ago

Statue Lake is a beautiful hidden gem located in Northern California. However, hidden is an understatement for a beginner backpacker like myself. Without a GPS, it would be somewhat challenging to find the place. When you actually turn onto the 9 mile dirt road that takes you to the music creek trailhead, prepare for large rocks in the middle of the road. Be sure to take a truck or an SUV. We had a small Acura and we were constantly driving over rocks banging up the underside of the vehicle. Also it’s quite narrow, so take your time. Go slow. Once you arrive at the trail head, there’s a parking lot, creek, and information kiosk. The beginning of the trail starts with some very steep switchbacks, so get ready to work! Once you arrive at the summit of them, you’ll see an epic view of Shasta as you arrive on the PCT! Go right. This is the most enjoyable section of trail as for the most part, it’s pretty flat/even. When you finally arrive to a camp on the right and creek on the left, you’re getting close. Continue on the PCT just a little ways and while using your GPS, begin heading up the steep, unmarked, mountain towards statue lake. There is no actual trail to Statue Lake! When you arrive, there’s a camp setup with two fire pits. One on ground level, and one on top of a large granite platform. This is where I setup tent and it became a common area for my party. The lake is close and unbelievably beautiful! I hope the directions help, and ENJOY!!!!!!!