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Spruce Grove Campground Trail

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Angeles National Forest

Spruce Grove Campground Trail is a 8 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Sierra Madre, California that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 8.0 miles Elevation Gain: 1,778 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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horseback riding

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$5 for a parking pass

3 months ago

Campground was full. come early...great trip.

4 months ago

As others have said Trail gets busy so get there early or you’ll park down the hill and add to your hike. We also went to Sturtevant falls, which is not very popular and thus had some graffiti and trash. Lots of people camping at Spruce today. Also note, the upper falls trail is pretty eroded from people coming down to the falls from it.

6 months ago

Great hike. The trailhead is crazy and popular, but after about 1.5 miles (ish) it splits off away from the crowds. From there you climb up a canyon along a creek, cross several times, and finally end up at the campground. There was snow at the camp and it was very cold there. 8 miles round trip according to trail signs there. Covered for most of it, so it would make a great summer hike. Moderate but not terrible. YOU NEED TO PAY FOR A PARKING PASS. They accept national park passes too.

Great hike! I intended to do the full loop including the summit, but I had to turn around shortly after the snow line as I did not have micro spikes. Still a beautiful and varied hike with trees, some views, and a great workout. I will have to come back to do the summit! On the way up I took the “middle” branch of the trail going past the top of Sturtevant Falls. This was a little bit of a scramble but fun. On the way back I took the upper branch and this is a more walkable path - also very scenic. I had the trail almost to myself beyond the falls. Saw a few others who were also turning around before summit. Stopped to warm up at Sturtevant Camp - the crackling wood stove was perfect after my foray into the snow!

10 months ago

Today I hiked the Upper Trail (Horse Trail) option. You can hear the creek below, the views of the canyon are excellent and the wooded areas are oh so peaceful.

10 months ago

Great trail. Non profit Sturtevant camp cabins available to rent. Several trails from camp led to Mt. Wilson, Mt. Zion, and Newcomb pass. Temperatures day time high 79 degrees, night time 59.

11 months ago

Beautiful trail, waterfall was easy to get to; go beyond/up trail and visit some more private areas to take a swim.. worth it (:

Gorgeous, varied hike with everything from lush greenery, stream crossings, waterfalls, views and a sprinkle of desert. Parking is hard even at 8a, got lucky by going all way up and spotting someone leaving. Any later and it would have meant at least another .5-1 mile to get to trailhead which is just below the parking. It was very busy all day except towards the campground. The Upper Falls trail is a little death defying, probably wouldn’t attempt with something bigger than a daypack but it was fun. The horse trail (best on way down) offer amazing vistas but much less coverage. I also did the lower falls trail for extra distance but stayed at the falls for 2 seconds since it was packed. You can also reach Mt Wilson on this trail (extra 7 miles RT). Will attempt that with more food and water. Did see some graffiti on rocks and trees and my only question is WHY? Also a couple people with speakers blaring terrible music. Again I ask, WHY??

Sat Jun 01 2019

great place to hike

Sat Jun 01 2019

Great hike, challenging. In shade most of the way, but be careful taking the upper trail to the campsite. the trail at one point becomes so narrow you only have one foot width to put your feet on or fall off the cliff. It can be scary with packs on. We had a person in our group that really had a hart time with that part of the trail. Took the lower trail back and it was great the whole way.

Fri May 17 2019

We took both trails on this trip. The Upper Falls trail gets narrow at the top of waterfall area, was a bit nerve racking as we had several kids with big packs, but they all navigated the terrain. The rest of the hike was gorgeous and I would classify this trail as the "scenic" route. Lots of shade and a clear path to follow. The campground was spacious and in clean order. The other trail, was more sun exposed and less scenic. Overall, the hike/campout was a great time, the trail was well maintained, but beware of "bikers", as they won't watch out for you.

bridge out
Sun May 12 2019

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Fri May 03 2019

Arrived to Chantry Flats around 6:30 a.m. on a Thursday. Lot mostly empty. Winter Creek Trail is a breeze until you reach Hoegees, then pretty tough up to the top. Lots of bugs on trails and at Wilson (bring a head net). Took a quick break on the deck to eat, explored the observatory, and then headed down Sturtevant. Didn’t take time to explore the upper or lower falls on the way back, but I will return. Definitely a challenging hike, but very rewarding.

Tue Apr 30 2019

Great local spot to backpack to for an overnighter or Mt Wilson summit attempt. All parking at the trailhead at Chantry Flats will be taken on weekends and holidays unless you get there at first light. Weekdays there are usually no parking issues, or overcrowding at the campsite. Outhouse style toilets at campsite. No water spigot at campsite so you will be refilling your water from the creek. Water in creek varies greatly based on the time of year and the amount of rainfall that season. Very popular hiking area so I would definitely filter any water taken from the creek.

Sun Apr 14 2019

my recording is off, I forgot to turn off the tracking after parking about a 6 1/2 to 7 mile hike

Fri Apr 12 2019

so green! so lush! water flowing! perfect day. worth it to go beyond the falls.

Sun Mar 31 2019

Beautiful hike with everything so green. It was super crowded but it didn’t take away too much from the experience. We typically do t like to hike around tons of people but it was nice to see all the kids exploring backpacking. We went to check out the campground as we’re going to be spending a couple nights to test out our new equipment. We also had to park over 1 mile down the mountain. That’s how crowded it was today. Crazy! That’s a first!

Mon Feb 25 2019

This was my first trail in the area. It’s beautiful and crowded. Not a ton of great landscape views but definitely a lot of vegetation surrounding you as you hike. I will say that if you have a water-loving dog like I do who is 75 pounds and wants to charge every time he sees water, I wouldn’t recommend this hike because you have to keep your dog on a leash, per the sign at the beginning of the trail. I let him off a couple times but only after carefully assessing that no one was around for him to knock into the river. Other than that, I had a beautiful time and I would definitely go back.

Although a bit chilly at 6am on 2/23, a perfect day with lots of water flowing after the rain we had. I love this trail in summer as well because it’s well shaded. A must do!

Tue Dec 11 2018

Just did my second hike here and this is a great trail. After all the rain it made for beautiful scenery the whole hike. campgrounds are well maintained.

Fri Oct 12 2018

Good trail but campground is overcrowded and overtrafficked. Lot of mountain bikers barreling through. Enjoy the day hike to Wilson. Water status unknown as of today. Will try to post an update on Sunday. Update: Rained out! So there should be some water. Going this weekend (12/01/2019) and looking forward to SXturtevant Falls showing some water volume!

Thu Jun 14 2018

This is such a beautiful trail despite the heavy traffic during the day and being so close to the city. Arrived 5:30 pm on a Friday afternoon with a friend to give him a taste of backpacking. Very few cars in the parking lot and only one other gentleman with cooler heading down to a cabin for the weekend. After a quick detour to Sturtevant Falls we head up the upper trail where we see our last person hiking down the mountain. Beautiful views of the canyon and a few spots where I get signal to text my family where I am. As we approach Cascade Picnic I am left without signal and daylight fades quickly through the dense foliage. We end up hiking in the dark since my friend was having a hard time walking up with his pack. Just as I start getting uneasy about hiking in the dark.. the wind brings a familiar smell.. smoke from a campfire. We get to the campground and its basically all our with one a couple up towards the end of the 6 campsites. I quickly set up camp and collect wood to for a small campfire. The sound of insects and a stream puts me to sleep. The next morning I wake up early to the rhythmic pattering of the early morning trail runners. Soon after a parade of early bird hikers, runners, and their dogs stroll on by consistently. This is a gorgeous place to test out new backpacking gear or simply feel like you are further Way from the city than you really are. You will run into a lot of traffic on the way down the mountain depending on time you leave so prepare to make way through the narrow sections of the trail.

Mon Mar 26 2018

Never disappointed with any of the trails in this area. Parking is a nightmare get there warily, or Uber, pack station has WiFi.

Sun Feb 11 2018

Somewhat steep, mostly uphill, very narrow at times. Excellent workout and the campground is so pleasant to rest and snack!

Sat Jan 20 2018

Came to check out Spruce Grove Camp for for a future overnight trip. Great, moderate hike that is easy to navigate & has Mother Nature's beauty all around. There was good amount of water in the stream multiple waterfalls & water crossings. Camp is awesome, about 5-6 sites, fire pits, picnic tables & tools (buckets, rake, shovel) just wish people would have more respect for Mother Nature and the outdoors with the graffiti. Oh there is a fork on this trail which allows you to decide upper/lower, took the right fork in and came out the other side to check it out, they seemed to be pretty equal, just a difference in views!

Mon Dec 11 2017

This hike was beautiful it’s almost completely shaded. I went during the week of the fires so I only saw one group of bikers and 2 hikers. Very relaxing and easy .. the only hard part was that .6 hike up to the parking lot area. We had lunch at the campground which we missed because it didn’t look like a campground .. it’s a group of scattered cabins and some picnic tables. I will do this one again.

Sun Oct 22 2017

We really enjoyed this hike. Because it was really hot this one is great since it's all shaded. We did almost 9 miles (but we walked off the path for a little while, not that smart). We saw a lot, really a lot, of squirrels and a woodpecker. From the parking lot the first start of the trail is downwards. So since this is an out and back trail you need to do this upwards at your end of the trail. But after all, this last part was easier than we thought it would be. We will do this one again some time.

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