9.7 miles
8,051 feet
Point to Point




no dogs

3 months ago

Skyline to Ariel Tramway . Did this hike about 1 week ago... It’s definitely not easy especially considering the warmer temperatures. If you plan on hiking this one please take more than 6 liters of water and start no later than 3am because the heat will get to you. Once you get to around mile 7-8 you will start to feel a nice temperature drop and will enjoy more of the scenery. If you’re new to hiking or have done just a few other hikes. Please Keep in mind the elevation gain and heat will make it by far more challenging. Very strenuous trail. If your a fast hiker and start @3am then you will be ok. Once you reach the (TramStation) it’s a whole different world. My first time there. I was amazed by all the beauty, campsites, restaurant, museum, gift shop etc. To make it an easy way down don’t forget to bring $$$$cash and jump on the Tram then call an Uber to get a ride to your car. Happy hiking be safe.