28.5 miles
6,614 feet
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5 months ago

I loved hiking this trail, but you should be warned, even though this trail is rated as moderate, it can be technical and the southern half is physically demanding, and you could easily get lost. Most of the maps are inaccurate, especially when it comes to mileage and the actual trail path, especially on the coastal bluffs. The northern half is not that bad. Just be advised that the 'road' from Needle Rock to Bear Harbor is not a 'road' nor has it been for over a decade. It is now a trail. The section from Bear Harbor to Usal is the most challenging. The trail is decent all the way from Bear Harbor to Wheeler and Little Jackass Camp. It can be steep, trekking poles are advised. The section from Jackass Camp to Usal is little more than a deer trail in sections. There are sections that are overgrown, no real trail maintenance has been done in at least a decade. The camps and trail crossings are not well marked or marked at all. Bring a GPS and SAT phone or SPOT for safety. Tree falls and slides are routine and you may wish you had rope and climbing gear to get out of the canyons, even on the trail. We did this with a guide that has done it several times and even he almost got lost. The exit points to Hotel Gulch Road are also not well marked at all. So, be prepared. This is the lost coast. There is a reason they call it that.