Photos of Seville Lake Trail

12.9 miles
2,276 feet
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3 months ago

Please Note:.

The path you are given in All Trails is not accurate. Look at the Topo Map and compare it to the actual recording people have added here. You'll see the actual active path. It adds an additional 2-3 miles to the loop.

I did this hike on August 18th 2018 and the day was very nice. There was probably about a mid-70s temperature. there is a place where the path intersects with the Joe Pass Trail where someone has stolen the signs helpful hiker or possibly park ranger has written on the posts which is useful but I suggest you use your alltrails app so you can tell where you are and which way to go.

the actual Lake was completely devoid of human activity when I reached it at noon. during the whole hike I saw only two groups of people.

As far as critters at the actual Lake, there were no mosquitoes at all which was very nice. There were three ducks that circled the perimeter of the lake looking for goodies to eat. And there were tons of dragonflies.

There are a few bear boxes at the campsites.

If you're doing the loop from the Rowell Meadow trailhead the return hike gets to be pretty rough because coming back from the lake after doing about 8 Mi you'll hit the hill that is very steep. The elevation increases as you climb for about a mile until you get to the junction of the park boundaries. you'll get gassed out. take plenty of water and frequent rest stops.

the creeks and streams along the path are dry at this point but there are still a lot of butterflies and moths that flit about.

I will give you some advice if you're coming from the road that leads to the Rowell Meadow trailhead that horse corral Road is very unkempt and it is not paved and there are many rocks and ruts. it was completely dry when I came down it in a passenger car but if there's any water in the area on that road it will turn into a mud nightmare!!!! do not attempt that road if it is wet, especially in a passenger car and I would strongly caution you even if you have a 4 wheel drive.

on August 18th 2018 the trailhead road was closed at a certain location where a stream had washed out a drainage pipe and you had to park and then walk an additional maybe half mile to get to the Rowell Meadow staging trailhead. but by the time I finished my hike at 5 p. m. a backhoe had appeared at the trail area and had completely repaired the drainage pipe. I don't know if it's open yet but it looks like it should be very soon.

check out my pics on this trail post.