Secret Passage to Simi Peak (Rabbit Ridge Trail)

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Secret Passage to Simi Peak (Rabbit Ridge Trail) is a 6.5 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Thousand Oaks, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

6.5 miles
1883 feet

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Next to the Mt. Boney summit trail, this is the best and most unused trail in the Conejo Valley. Most of the trail consists of steep, north-facing slopes with dense chaparral and occasional sandstone outcrops. Some rock scrambling is required as well as hard to determine trails. From Lang Ranch Parkway, park before the open park and cross the street to find the trailhead. Switchbacks and vertical climb starts you into a challenging hike for the first 1.5 miles. It evens out toward the top with increasing elevation in spurts. Take trail towards the 3rd peak which will reward you with incredible views of Woodranch Reservoir below, the entire Conejo and Simi Valleys, as well as Camarillo into Santa Barbara with sweeping views of the Channel Islands to the West and Griffith Park to the East. Most of the park consists of steep, north-facing slopes with dense chaparral and occasional sandstone outcrops. Some rock scrambling is required as well as hard to determine trails. There are color plastic tabs tied to the chaparral where you will need it. Great hike to prepare for higher climbs. NOT for beginners, as you will most certainly be alone on this desolated hiking gem.

16 days ago

Great hike! Not for novices or dogs, that's for sure. I lost the trail numerous times due to overgrowth. Be sure to follow the track on your phone using GPS and offline maps. This hike is best done during the winter. The summer is WAY too hot for this uncovered trail. Pants are a must due to the overgrowth. I posted some pics so you can see the 'trail.' Haha.

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I second what Chadwick said. Think twice before taking your dog, my pup was covered in foxtails and even in places you can not imagine. So if you are not ready to spend a good hour afterwards pulling all that stuff out then don't take your pup. Also a good harness is a must, to assist when rock climbing. I would do the hike again cause we did not reach the peak due to the heat. I'd go very very early too, crack of dawn! GPS is a must! Lots of bees in certain areas.

1 month ago

Everything Chadwick said about this trail is 100% accurate. We did the loop today, though we didn't go to the peak due to time, and almost didn't make the loop because the trail was so difficult to see. Heading east on the Oakbrook Edison trail you MUST use the gps to find your left turn. From there on the trail is very difficult with times that you'll be doing a little rock climbing, searching for the trail, and wondering if you should turn around.

Great views! I'll try to post them here but this is my first time posting on this app.

We had resolved to not do the route again, but only afterward did I read the description; we want to get to the peak now and see the market and journal.

1 month ago

If you plan on hiking this trail make sure to wear long pants. Spent roughly 30 minutes of the hike picking the foxtail barley (I think) out of our socks and shoes. This trail is so overgrown with this devil plant it took away a lot of the enjoyment.
However, apart from that, this trail brings you up to some great views, a cave and some great rock outcrops to climb on. This is a steep challenging trail. It was sometimes difficult to find the trail. In places the foxtail is so dense you can't see the dirt. Had to use the app to make sure we were going the right way in a few spots.

I'm glad I hiked this once. I probably won't ever hike it again though.

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Fun. Lots of hills.

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a favorite of mine. gps this one or you will get lost. there are no markers and in some places literally no trail. you will scramble rock faces in several places and for the uninitiated it can be daunting. just continue up and east until you hit simi peak (usgs marker and a journal will confirm you made it to the peak).
be prepared and bring plenty of water and food.

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