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Santa Rosa Trail and Lower Butte Trail Loop

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Wildwood Regional Park

Santa Rosa Trail and Lower Butte Trail Loop is a 4.4 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Thousand Oaks, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 4.4 miles Elevation Gain: 702 feet Route Type: Loop

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This is a pleasant hike along Mountclef Ridge in Wildwood Park. The hike provides lovely views of the Santa Rosa Valley to the Santa Susana and Topatopa Mountains, as well as the Conejo Valley to the Santa Monica Mountains. There is little shade along the trail, and the vegetation is mostly scrub brush. Note that once you reach the end of the Santa Rosa Trail and start heading down a service road into a housing development, route finding gets a little confusing. You head down the service road, turn right on the unmarked Lower Butte trail, the left on Wildwood avenue, then right on the jogging path that takes you back to Avenida De Los Arboles.

mountain biking
5 months ago

Super rocky and hard on your bike, ride full suspension

6 months ago

The north side of the hill on Lower Butte was very muddy for an extended stretch, slick, wet, messy. We did the whole mess plus a bit. Great views from the top

8 months ago

Loved the hike! Sweeping panoramic views on both the Wildwood and SRV sides. Go early and be rewarded with shade on at least half your hike. 1 star off for the half mile or so thru residential streets.

over grown
Sun Apr 07 2019

beautiful trail. loved it. a little track through the hood but very pretty tons of wild flowers

no shade
Sun Feb 24 2019

Thu Dec 27 2018

Nice hike! It’s on the easy side of moderate. There are fantastic rock formations and rock outcroppings. The only downside is that you have to walk along a road for a bit. Other than that it’s a great hike!

Thu Nov 22 2018

The Santa Rosa Trail (5.9 miles) is somewhat miss marked, as the map outlined in red takes you thru the wildwood housing track. The SR Trail actually goes over the ridge into SRV, and follows the backside at the base of the mountain following the backside of ranch homes. There is a very short section of paved road that connects to the dirt trail which leads up to and around Lizard Rock (Wild Wood) then back to your starting point - Parking Lot on Los Arboles.

Wed Oct 24 2018

Nice trail with views on both sides of the ridge. The trail starts off flat, then relatively gentle climb via a few switchbacks to top of the ridge. Then trail levels out to gentle rollers for remainder of ridge hiking until short descent back down to street. Not too much time on the street before finding creekside neighborhood trail (very little water) to finish. Parts of trail are a bit rocky so watch your footing. And trail is exposed so take plenty of water, hat, sunscreen. Not recommended during warm weather.

Mon Jul 02 2018

Not any shade, didn’t feel particularly easy, but still a great hike with great views.

Thu Apr 26 2018

Great for dogs! Good parking and beautiful bridge entrance.

Mon Oct 09 2017

Thoroughly enjoyed the hike and enjoyed the views. Markings were great in some areas and I was glad we had gps in others. The last leg through a suburban neighborhood was not my favorite part.

mountain biking
Wed May 24 2017

Wide leveled trail at the beginning, good for passing hikers/horses.

mountain biking
Sat Sep 24 2016

Don't let the easy hiking status fool you, on a mountain bike this was a difficult trail. Lots of Rocky climbs and loose footing. There are narrow spots near cactus. Beautiful views!

mountain biking
Tue Sep 20 2016

Loved it! Not for the softies.

Mon Jan 11 2016

I loved seeing all the cacti :) lots of switchbacks on the way up. After getting up on the mountain, it levels out. Lots of fun! I've done it twice & like to do it again.

Sat Nov 14 2015

This is a good trail if you don't want to see or meet people. I used to jog this trail in the evenings and rarely do I ever meet people on the trail. One weekend I met couple people in horses.

bird watching
Sun Mar 22 2015

It was a bit more than I expected which i like but my boyfriend... Not as much. We cut through the neighborhood towards the end. Great parking!

Tue Nov 18 2014

We live by the beach and enjoy the trail when we want a change. The trail is not the easiest but it is not the hardest. One year we were here every other weekend almost, and tried all the various trails the park has. I particulary like it because of the creek that my northern breed dogs can go into about mid trail. The temperature here is very warm so remember to bring plenty of water. You will always see families and horses on the trail as well. There are rattle snakes here so becareful! Come early because after 12 it is just too hot for us (but then again, we are beach folk used to colder temps lol).

Tue Mar 11 2014

fun hike from Wildwood up and along the crest. took my boys and they had no problems. very mellow and easy ascent. great views of Santa Rosa valley to Padre and SM mountains.

Mon Dec 30 2013

I have been out here to explore the Conejo Open Space Several times in the last few months and enjoyed it more and more each time. There are numerous trails to explore, lots of great rock formations, cactus varieties and views to take in. I have hiked and mountain biked up here and both are fantastic. Great wide trails that are well marked and maintained.

Fri Jun 14 2013

Very nice hike. Went out today and hiked around the outside of the park hitting most of the trails in the area. Saw everything from squirrels, deer, rattle snakes and even lobsters! (<---yes, this is true, in the creek in a certain spot there a bunch) and yes, watch out for rattle snakes, don't look down so much when you walk, make sure to look out ahead of you a little ways. Other than that, yes there is a creeks and water fall, no dot swim in it. What people don't notice swimming is that the creek runs next to a sewer line that runs to a water treatment plant farther down the canyon...and you can smell it. Stay out of the water and enjoy!

Fri Apr 12 2013

I agree with Jayson this was supposed to be an easy trail it most definitely is a moderate hike as some areas are a climb and crossing river beds may be tricky for some people. That said there is a variety of views and landscape including waterfalls. There are several different trails you would have to visit many times to explore them all ... Free parking but get there early as the park loads up and parking can be difficult later in the day. Lot's of people and families great park.

mountain biking
Mon Jan 28 2013

This trail is not meant for beginners. I liked it but when I went this afternoon it was to muddy. I was hoping most of the rain had dried up but it was like riding through quick sand. The mud was very sticky and slippery. Made it very sketchy with all of the cacti. I will try this trail again when it's more dry. But I would rate this a black if not a double black diamond trail. It has a lot of technical climbing and descents. The switchbacks are very steep and tight which makes descending very difficult. Great tough workout though. This is definitely a expert level trail, beginners ride at your own risk. I'm just about ready to tackle some more moderate trails and this through me for a loop. I wasn't expecting it to be as difficult as it is.

mountain biking
Wed Jan 16 2013

I'm going to go check this trail out soon. Will be my first time ever riding. I'll let y'all know how it goes this weekend! giving the trail a 4 as of now because I havnt experienced it just yet.

Mon Dec 10 2012

This was a fun trail. My only problem is that it's rated as easy. This trail is more of a moderate hike at first and then it gets much easier on the back side. Have fun!!!

Sat Sep 29 2012

Nice bike ride downhill

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