Photos of Sand Hill, Short Ridge, Tatcan, Shady Slope Loop

Distance: 4.5 miles Elevation Gain: 816 feet Route Type: Loop

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7 months ago

Hiking loops don’t really exist at this park, so you have to go off trail and walk through a neighborhood at one point and by the baseball fields at another. And the track is old, so the original poster took a shortcut through what has since been developed into houses. So you just have to go a little further to get around the new houses. And I would avoid the Tatcan trail. It was a quagmire during the rainy season and rutted up by cows. There’s a trail marker for Tatcan at the northern entrance, but then you reach a fence at the south end that says “no public access.” So that was odd. So overall, I think this park is ok if you live closeby and can just walk to these trails from your house, but in my opinion there are much better places to hike just a few miles away (Las Trampas, Diablo Foothills).

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