8.8 miles
82 feet
Point to Point

kid friendly

mountain biking

road biking

trail running


no dogs

2 months ago

A 99.9% flat bike path along an urban riparian area from the valley to the coast. Definitely stroller/family friendly. I love how accessible this makes the beach to families in the valley of Oceanside/Vista. I am visiting family here and the path goes right by their neighborhood and my niece’s junior high; we don’t really have a pedestrian/bike only byway like that where I’m from in Santa Cruz. It’s nice not to be contending with traffic. I walked my sister’s dog along it and had a nice enough time, although I can tell that it would be much more fun if I were a biker. At Mance Buchanan park there is a spot to fill your tires, and I’m sure there are more along the way. Not exactly scenic until you get to the coast; however, I did see quite a bit of wildlife, including a huge coyote that lumbered up onto the path, and lots of birds including hawks or falcons.