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Sailor Meadow Trail is a 2.8 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Foresthill, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from May until October. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

Length 2.8 mi Elevation gain 1,230 ft Route type Out & Back

Dog friendly




Horseback riding

Nature trips

Bird watching



Wild flowers



Over grown

Off trail

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Getting There

This is a relatively steep, 1.5-mile trail that follows a ridge down to Sailor Meadow - a small meadow that's surrounded by one of the few remaining stands of old-growth forest in the area. Most topo maps will show this trail heading straight north to Walker Mine, but nobody goes that way. The stats here are only to Sailor Meadow, which the trail reaches by taking a hard left once it gets off the ridge.

Large dirt pullout just before the trailhead. The trail is located near Robinson Flat campground - a free, 4-site Forest Service campground. Also check out the Bald Mountain fire lookout. You can either take the hiking trail there from the campground or drive up via the west fork of Foresthill road.

Follow Foresthill Road east until the pavement ends at Robinson Flat campground. Turn left and follow the dirt road for 2.75 miles to the trailhead, located at 39.174381 -120.470309. You will probably want a truck or something relatively high clearance for this section. The trail itself is invisible just off the road and the only marker is a small sign way up high on a tree. Just climb the hill north from the road there and the trail will appear as it follows the crest of the ridge down the other side.

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Vincent Dahl
Yellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarGray StarGray StarJuly 12, 2020
HikingBugsOff trailOver grown

This trail is very very very easy to lose, especially on the return. It slips in and out of existence like my belief in god. Quite steep as well, making time management crucial if you don't want to spend the night out there. Do not attempt to hike this after dark, I almost walked right off a ledge when I drifted to the west, and that was in daylight. It seems someone cleared the fallen trees for the first half mile or so with a chainsaw, but after a that there is a lot of climbing over logs. I wanna stress again just how easy it is to lose this trail. I did on the way back and it forced me to climb the 45 degree + slope while pushing through the undergrowth. Almost didn't make it back before dark. Also the route shown on the site isn't right. there isn't a trace of the trail by the time you reach the little potato-shaped pond (you can see this pond on google maps, it's also at roughly the 1.2 mile mark, just after the turn). The "real" "trail" turns west at roughly the 1.1 to 1.2 mile mark and goes down to the meadow/marsh. Perhaps with a bit of searching one might find the trail to the mine (is there really a mine down there somewhere?), but I doubt it. However the views from the ridge are spectacular, and the meadow is like something from a dream. If you can survive the brutal climb back out and not lose the trail, I highly recommend.

Matt Belben
Yellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarGray StarGray StarAugust 5, 2015
First to Review

I added this trail. As of mid-July 2015 it is pretty overgrown and just barely followable, a GPS is really helpful, but the trail route is not all that complicated - just follow the top of the ridge down and make a 90-degree left when it levels off. The hard part is finding that turn again on the way back up, it's easy to overshoot it. I didn't see any trace of the section that continues north to Walker Mine, which is what's shown on most topo maps and the AllTrails overlay. The meadow is fairly small but idyllic, with waist-high grass surrounded by ferns and huge trees. The stream leading out of it is at the bottom of a ~10ft deep, fern-filled trench that can be crossed on log bridges. There are some nice campsites if you are willing to put up with the mosquitoes.

Matt Belben
Gray StarGray StarGray StarGray StarGray StarGray StarGray StarGray StarGray StarGray StarAugust 5, 2015
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