2.6 miles
308 feet

dogs on leash



nature trips



wild flowers

2 months ago

I believe the trail is in fact longer if taken but I chose the route that is slightly over 2 miles round trip. The lot is small but I was able to find a space. I must state that any valuables should be carried with you or tucked away in your vehicle that is not easily seen or accessible. When I arrived I saw that the window in the vehicle next to me had been broken and it was fresh. I ended up arriving back at the same time as another couple and it ended up being their vehicle. I have experienced theft before and it sucks in many levels - including having to dole out money to get the window repaired. I am glad they and their pup were safe and they indicated they don’t believe anything of great value was taken - it appeared to be just a “smash and grab.” I know theft can occur anymore even in areas that one would feel are relatively remote. Aside from violation, the trail itself is not busy but people are on it and there was a nice breeze even in the afternoon. Next time I will try the longer/alternate routes. I can see though how in the summer it might not be as enjoyable so definitely one to do in the morning during the summer season.