10.7 miles
3,874 feet
Out & Back

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horseback riding

mountain biking


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23 days ago

First off, the out and back mileage is incorrect on this. From the trail
Head to Lightner Peak is 7.2 miles. It’s listed on the trail head sign. Out and back, this hike is 14.4 miles. Be prepared.

I loved this hike. If you live in Cali, and like me, every time you see those rolling golden hills sprayed with oak forests and grazing cattle, you have the urge to wonder on up, and also need a challenging hike that will
Kick your butt... then this is it!

I just did Whitney a few weeks ago, and had been training for it since last Feb. with a series of steep high elevation hikes, and trail running. I’m in relatively ok shape. I’m saying this because... Damn! If I didn’t feel the intensity of this hike.
If you are not an experienced hiker, DO NOT do this trail and definitely don’t attempt without proper hiking boots and polls. The first couple miles are deceptively moderate. Don’t be fooled.

To put into perspective, Whitney has an elevation gain of 6,000 ft in 11 miles. This trail has an elevation gain of almost 4.000 ft in in under 6 miles. And... once you go up, you must come down! It’s not gravely and loaded with steep boulders like Gorgornio or Mt. Marion, but it is a steep narrow dirt trail. The dirt can be very slippery on the way down. And... light traffic can mean you’re alone on the trail. I never saw anyone. If you are not experienced, there are many places in which you can easily roll your ankle.

That said. This hike is truly beautiful. I even got to see fall color at the peak. As low lander in So Cal... that’s as good as it gets. :-)

P.s. I would not suggest this hike on a hot summer day.